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My Health Cash Plan

What can this policy cover?

My Health Cash Plan can be extremely cost-effective. The more employees you cover, the lower the cost per member. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about My Health Cash Plan, and run through the costs involved in setting up a scheme that meets your budgets. My Health Cash Plan is simple for your employees to use and, as their employer, the choice of benefits and levels of reimbursement are up to you…

Start by offering simple dental and optical benefits…

Every My Health Cash Plan starts with dental and optical cover. There’s no obligation to increase cover above this level. It’s an excellent way to demonstrate care for your employees and it’s an attractive benefit in terms of recruitment and retention. A one month qualifying period applies to all these benefits, unless we’ve shown otherwise. Benefit limits apply per member, per policy year, unless otherwise stated.

  • 100% money back on dental and optical bills, up to the benefit limit you choose
  • Four benefit levels to choose from. Whichever limit you choose, this will apply to the other options as well – you tell us which level suits your budget best:
    • Level 1 – £75
    • Level 2 – £125
    • Level 3 – £250
    • Level 4 – £375
Choose Core Health to help employees meet expected healthcare costs…

Adding this simple extra level of cover can be of great benefit to your employees. The benefit level you choose for dental and optical will also apply to Core Health.

  • 80% of the costs for physiotherapy, osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture or chiropractic treatment, up to your chosen benefit level (£75, £100, £150 or £225)
  • 80% of prescriptions and GP charges up to your chosen benefit level (£20, £30, £50 or £100)
  • 80% of the costs for one health screen every two policy years, up to one of four levels chosen by you (£50, £75, £100 or £150). We set a 12 month qualifying period for this benefit
  • A baby bonus paid for each child born or adopted after a 10 month qualifying period, up to one of four levels chosen by you (£50, £100, £200 or £300)
Select extra levels of cover that reflect your employees’ needs best…

Because everyone’s health costs are different, you may decide that you’d like employees to have extra cover for some bills. You can choose one or both of these options as an addition to Core Health.

Option 1, Hospital Extras:

  • An in-patient cash benefit of £15 per night
  • A day-patient cash benefit of £15 per day
  • 80% of the costs covered for X-rays and scans as a private patient
  • 80% of the costs for a specialist’s second opinion, if you’re a private patient
  • A support cash benefit of £15 per night for you, if your child goes into hospital

The benefit level you choose at the beginning will apply to Hospital Extras. We’ll then pay the benefits listed, up to a combined total. Depending on your benefit level this will be £100, £150, £250 or £350 per policy year.

Option 2, Health Enhance:

  • 80% of the costs for chiropody, podiatry, allergy testing or a dietician’s appointment

When you choose Health Enhance, the benefit level that you chose at the beginning will apply. We will then pay the benefits listed, up to a combined total. Depending on your benefit level this will be £50, £100, £150 or £200 per policy year.

Your employees will enjoy extra benefits with no further charge…

We encourage everyone to look after themselves as much as possible. While you’re helping your employees cover the costs of everyday healthcare, we’ll also give them extra benefits with no further charge:

  • Gym discounts. Your employees will get up to 25% off at selected UK gyms.
  • 24 hour GP helpline. It’s reassuring to know there’s a qualified medical professional on hand, day and night. Your employees can call in complete confidence to ask questions about symptoms, find out about treatments, get information about medicines, side-effects, or anything else that matters.
  • 24 hour stress counselling helpline. The day-to-day pressures of life can have an effect on your employees. Our 24 hour stress counselling helpline is easy to call, it’s free, and it’s completely confidential. Employees will be talking to a trained counsellor who will give advice on dealing with stress, day and night. This benefit is available for Over 16s only.
What’s not included in My Health Cash Plan?

My Health Cash Plan won’t cover any treatment received by employees in the first month after joining the policy. There are also some specific treatments and costs that will not be covered by My health Cash Plan, but these will be explained fully in your scheme’s terms and conditions.

My Health Cash Plan won’t provide cover for these treatments…

  • Any benefit for which we haven’t received a completed claim form and original receipts where required
  • Any charges for the completion of a claim form, or for proof of GP referral
  • Any benefits for a claim that has already been paid under another cash plan or insurance policy of any kind
  • Treatment or tests received outside the UK (other than provided under the dental cover)
  • Treatment of an injury sustained while you’re training for or taking part in a sport for which you are paid or sponsored (unless you only receive travel costs)
  • Treatment or tests required as a direct or indirect result of war (declared or not); military, paramilitary or terrorist activity (such as the effects of radiological, biological or chemical agents), or use, misuse, escape or the explosion of any gas or hazardous substance (such as explosives, radiological, biological or chemical agents)
  • In-patient or day-patient cash benefit for admissions for a pre-existing condition, for psychiatric, psycho-geriatric or mental illnesses of any kind, relating to addictions or substance abuse, or relating to pregnancy or childbirth
My Health Cash Plan. Helping you, helping your employees…

My Health Cash Plan helps your employees to pay for expected healthcare costs throughout the year. That can help improve morale among your workforce, and could mean better productivity levels. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits we offer, call us on 0800 158 5190.

Full details of cover will be included in your scheme’s terms and conditions booklet. You’ll need to complete an application form for us to work out the final terms of your policy if we accept your application and, depending on your circumstances, non-standard terms may apply.

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