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What can this policy cover?

It’s important to remember that Group Income Protection only makes payments after a deferred period during long-term absences resulting from unexpected illness or injury. It doesn’t provide income due to redundancy. But our Group Income Protection can help your employees to improve their wellbeing, as well as support them in times of poor health. With our early intervention services, we can also provide support by helping to identify signs of ill health - potentially preventing claims from happening and employees spending long periods of time absent from work. As a result, your business could also benefit. For example, reducing instances of absenteeism due to ill health can reduce the cost of temporary staff…

Group Income Protection
  • Cover for up to 80% of your employee's earnings, to a maximum of £350,000 benefit.
  • You can choose a deferred period to suit your budget and business. Decide when the Group Income Protection payment begins: after 13, 26, 28, 41, 52 or 104 weeks.
  • You’ll have a choice of benefit payment terms, either to retirement age or for a limited benefit period, so that you can retain control over your costs.
Your employees can also receive many added value benefits…

With Group Income Protection in place, your employees will have additional peace of mind and reassurance, knowing they can focus on recovery in case of illness or injury and worry less about finances. But we think that our added value benefits also help to improve their well-being and reduce health risks:

  • Our 24 Hour GP helpline offers a reassuring source of information and support at any time your employees may need it. For your employees, this means that they can speak in confidence about any medical issue – without needing to take additional time off work.
  • With a 24 Hour Stress Counselling helpline, your employees can also speak in confidence about a range of issues – anything that’s on their mind, big or small. In terms of productivity, this may also help your business if employees can then focus more on work at hand…
  • Our Employee Assistance Programme is a confidential advice and information service, which gives your employees access to clinical and professional expertise. It’s staffed by qualified GPs and trained counsellors who can help your employees deal with a range of issues such as workplace stress or illness. You can read more about this programme and find out how it works, on our Employee Assistance Programme page.
  • Working closely with leading health and fitness clubs across the UK, we can offer your employees generous discounts that could motivate and encourage them to improve their fitness. Your employees could get up to 50% discount on membership at many UK gyms.
  • Discounts on our General Insurance products including Motor, Home and Travel.

Our Employee Assistance Programme is a chargeable element, with an option to upgrade the service according to your needs. The other benefits listed above are provided with no extra charge. We can talk to you about the options and levels of added value you’d like to include when we meet.

But these circumstances are NOT covered…

It’s important that your employees understand what Group Income Protection will and will not cover. The policy does not make payments for absence due to redundancy.

We’ll help you, to help your employees

We realise that it’s important to tell your staff about the added value you’re giving them. So we’ll help you explain the services you’re integrating into your business, and also help you get the most from our Group Income Protection policy’s benefits. Call us on 0845 300 4452, and arrange a meeting.

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