Private health insurance

Why choose Aviva?

The health of your employees can have a dramatic impact on your costs, and your profits.

The NHS does a great job looking after the nation’s health, but there’s greater peace of mind if waiting lists can be avoided. And, as experts in healthcare, we make it a priority to help your employees stay healthy.

We’re experts in healthcare

  • Our Solutions product has been rated 5 Stars by Defaqto this gives you the reassurance that you’re buying quality cover that will deliver when you need it most. Defaqto is a leading UK independent financial research company. Their Star Ratings are designed to help customers identify where a product or policy sits in the market in terms of the features and benefits it offers and the range of options available. Their in-depth Star Ratings process looks at the key features and benefits of every product or policy they rate. Defaqto are completely independent and unbiased and never knowingly exclude a product or policy from their Star Ratings.
  • Aviva Health is part of the Aviva Group, which is a worldwide insurance company and the UK’s largest insurance provider. This means a business like yours can rely on our size and strength to be there for you, when you need us most.
  • At the Health Insurance Awards 2016 we were voted 'Health Insurance Company of the Year' and 'Best Group PMI Provider', for the seventh year in a row. We think it is the unique combination of our people, products and services that helps us to win these awards on a regular basis.
  • The people in our business are passionate about offering the best possible service to yours. Our products are flexible to help meet your needs so that you can have the options you want and keep costs under control. And we believe we have an enviable reputation for the quality of our specialist oncology (caring for cancer patients), and mental health teams.
  • Solutions includes our musculoskeletal (MSK) clinical case management service as standard across all policies. This means that if your employees need to claim for back, neck, muscle or joint pain they will benefit from early intervention, which we know from experience gives them a much better recovery prognosis and gets them back to work sooner. For more information on BacktoBetter read our FAQs page.

Our product can offer value-for-money, flexibility, and effective solutions for businesses

  • We know that health insurance is sometimes seen as an expensive benefit for a business like yours, but if any of your employees are ill or injured, we'll be there to help them recover and get back to work as soon as possible. This will help to maintain productivity and reduce the costs to your business from absenteeism. And if you're considering health insurance for yourself and your family, it may be more cost-effective to add this to your business cover than take out a separate policy.

    On average, across all major business sectors, employees are absent for 7 working days per year, at a cost of £554 for each employee and this doesn’t include time off to see their GP. So this means if you have a workforce of 50 employees, absence could be costing you around £27,700 a year (Absence statistics are taken from the CIPD Absence Management Report 2015).

    This shows just how important it is to manage absence within your business. Covering your employees with Solutions means that they’ll get back to work quicker after injury or illness, saving you money and making your business more productive.

  • Making a claim, arranging a policy, or dealing with administration – we’ll do our best to be as effective and efficient as possible, at all times. We’ll take time to understand your business’s needs; we’ll try to offer the most extensive policy we can that will meet your budget; and we’ll always explain what our products will do, and what they won’t.

Another great reason to choose Aviva…

Above all, we recognise that you’d like to find the most extensive policy for the lowest price. It’s why we’d like to talk to you, to explain the added value that Solutions can offer your business. We’re confident that it could be the perfect health insurance policy for you and your employees when budgets are tight. Value-for-money, flexible, effective healthcare.

Talk to us about Solutions for your business today.

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