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Healthcare Trusts

How does a Healthcare Trust work?

Your Healthcare Trust would be funded through payments made by you, which are then used to cover eligible medical expenses incurred by your employees.

Because you set the rules of the Trust, you have more control and flexibility over the type and range of healthcare benefits provided. But the day-to-day administration, along with claims assessments and payments’ paperwork, can be looked after by us.

You can choose whether to structure your Healthcare Trust as:

  • A non-discretionary Trust. These are fully funded by you, as the employing company.
  • A multi-contribution Trust. These allow for voluntary contributions from members of the trust. For example, your employees could make additional contributions to cover their dependants.

Cost benefits from using a Healthcare Trust…

Healthcare Trusts aren’t considered to be insurance contracts, so they’re not subject to Insurance Premium Tax. This is good news as, with Insurance Premium Tax currently at 6%, there could be cost efficiencies for companies large enough to consider setting up a Trust. Together with exemption from other levies applying to insured schemes, you could make a significant saving on costs.

We have a team of Healthcare Trust experts who will work with you to develop a robust scheme that suits your exact needs. For us, that means prioritising excellent service, providing added value and the flexibility to take your business needs into consideration, both now and in the future. But the true benefits are in the provision of cost-effective, private health benefits for your employees through a scheme that you can retain tight control over.

With your Healthcare Trust in place, you can help employees get prompt, private medical treatment to assist in the return to health and full productivity as soon as possible.

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