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What is life insurance?

Life insurance helps give your family financial protection should you pass away within the policy term. It lets you leave a lump sum behind – helping your loved ones maintain their living standards or pay mortgage costs.

It’s up to you how much cover you want. Our flexible protection is available from just £5 a month, and we’ll ask as few as 5 questions once you have a quote to understand if we can offer you cover.

Claims you can count on

We paid out 98.6% of life insurance claims in 2019

Home purchase cover

Up to 90 days’ free cover from exchange to completion, terms apply

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Most customers get a quote and decision in just over 5 minutes

How does life insurance work?

Our cover pays out a cash lump sum if you pass away or are diagnosed with a terminal illness where you’re not expected to live longer than 12 months. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but here are a few things to think about before you take out cover.

And if you’re unfamiliar with the language of life insurance, our life insurance glossary will help.

Do you need life insurance?

Take the time to consider how much money your loved ones might need to maintain their living standards if you were to pass away. This might include costs such as bills, mortgage repayments, school fees and any other debts you might need to repay.

How long do I need cover for?

When it comes to how long you need cover for, think about how long your kids will need financial support, or when your other half might retire.

Joint or separate life insurance policy?

If you and your partner would like combined cover, you can take out a joint policy. This pays out once and won’t provide cover for the second person after the first passes away.

You can also both take out two separate policies. So once we pay out for one person their policy will end – but the second person’s policy will continue. 

Discover more about choosing between joint and separate policies with our helpful article.

Our different types of cover

We offer 2 different types of life cover: level cover and decreasing cover. Both are term insurance policies – meaning they protect your loved ones for a fixed amount of time.

The type of cover you want may depend on who you want to protect and how much you’d like to pay each month.

Level cover

Choose a lump sum to leave behind for your loved ones, and select how long you want your cover to run for. You’ll then pay the same amount each month until your policy ends.

This lump sum can help to maintain the living standards of loved ones. It could be used to pay off an interest-only mortgage, or go towards general living costs and monthly outgoings, such as rent.

Level cover could be a good option if you’re looking to:

  • Cover your salary
  • Maintain your loved ones’ living standards
  • Help with health and living costs if you become terminally ill
  • Pay your children’s school or university fees
  • Continue to keep up mortgage repayments
  • Pay off an interest-only mortgage

Protecting your cover from the effects of inflation

You can choose to make your cover amount increase in line with inflation. This means that your monthly payments may rise, and ensures that the lump sum won't be worth less in the future because of the rise in the cost of living.

If you choose this option, the maximum annual increase would be 15% to your premium and 10% to your cover 1.

Cover and premiums that remain the same over time

Decreasing cover

You might choose this type of cover to help your loved ones pay off a repayment mortgage or long-term loan if you pass away at any time during the policy term.

  • The cover lasts for a specific length of time, and your monthly premiums are fixed, unless you make any changes to your policy
  • The value of what you’re paying off gradually decreases over time, and so does the cover. That’s why it usually costs less than level cover

Tell me more about term life insurance.

Cover that decreases over time

What our life insurance covers

If you pass away during the term of your policy, we’ll pay out a cash lump sum – it’s as simple as that.

What's covered

  • Lump sum payment
    You can choose up to £5 million worth of cover and we'll pay the full amount after a successful claim
  • Protection if you die
    We'll pay a lump sum if you pass away during the policy term – simple as that
  • House purchase cover
    If you’re taking out life insurance to coincide with the purchase of a new house, we’ll give you up to 90 days free life insurance. The free cover begins when we’ve accepted your application and you’ve exchanged contracts/completed missives, as long as you’ve given us a future start date that coincides with the completion of your house purchase. Terms apply. See policy summary for full details
  • Terminal illness
    Receive your lump sum payment early if you're diagnosed with a terminal illness that meets our definition and you're not expected to live longer than 12 months. Once payment is made your policy will end and no further claims will be paid
  • Flexible length of cover
    You can choose the length of cover you need – from short-term to 50 years, or until you're 90 years old
  • A separation benefit
    If you separate from your partner, we can split your joint policy into single policies

What's not covered

Unfortunately, we can't cover all circumstances, including:

  • Not paying your premiums
    If your payments stop, so does your cover
  • No cash-in value
    The policy has no cash-in value at any time
  • Death outside the policy term
    You choose how long your policy lasts. Once it's finished, then your cover will stop and we won't pay out if you die
  • Suicide and self-inflicted injuries in the first year
    You won't be covered if you die in the first 12 months of the policy as a result of suicide or intentional, self-inflicted injury 

Why choose us?

We're proud that our cover's 5 Star rated by Defaqto – a trusted industry expert.

5 Star Defaqto Life Assurance Direct
  • We’re the largest UK insurer
    With 15 million UK customers
  • We’ve got heritage
    We’ve been protecting people like you for over 300 years
  • You can count on us
    In 2019 we paid out 98.6% of life insurance claims, helping 16,000 families, with payouts totalling £582 million 2
  • We’re taking action on climate change
    We’re a United Nations Momentum for Change award-winner for reducing our environmental impact, and for inspiring action on climate change 

Policy documents for life insurance

See a full list of what's covered in our policy wording.

Are you eligible for life insurance?

In most cases, you can get life insurance even if you have medical conditions – you just need to tell us about them when you apply. When you’ve completed your application, we’ll let you know whether we can offer you cover, and how much it will cost.

To apply for cover, you must:

  • Be a permanent UK resident (excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man), with permission to legally remain in the UK on a permanent basis, or have a British Forces Post Office (BFPO) address
  • Be aged between 18 and 77 years
  • Answer all questions truthfully, and tell us about any pre-existing medical conditions

In most cases, you won’t need a medical exam. But if we do ask you to have one, don’t worry – we’ll cover the costs.

How much cover will you need?

Your life insurance cover amount reflects how much money would be paid out if you pass away. So it’s worth considering how much your loved ones might need to pay off a mortgage or keep up repayments, settle any debts and pay for general living costs. This will depend on your personal circumstances.

Our cover calculator

Try out our calculator to work out how much protection you might need for the things you love most.

Life insurance and critical illness cover

When you apply for life insurance, you can add critical illness cover. They’re separate policies and cover you for different things, but you can buy them together.

Because they’re not combined, a successful critical illness claim won’t affect your life insurance policy, which will still pay out if you pass away during the policy term.

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Remember, you can add critical illness cover when you apply for life insurance.

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Looking for more cover?

We have a range of options to help you protect your family's future. There is no cash-in value at any time.

Critical illness cover

Our Critical Illness Plan pays out a lump sum if you're diagnosed with or have surgery for 1 of the 53 critical illnesses covered by our plan.

Age: 18-64

Cover: Up to £1,000,000

Payment: If you become critically ill and live for 10 days after diagnosis

Over 50s life insurance

Affordable over 50s cover that lasts a lifetime (whole of life policy).

Age: 50-80 

Cover: From £5 to £100 a month

Payment: When you pass away

Free Parent Life Cover

A year’s worth of life cover for parents of children under 4. Absolutely free.

Age: 18-66 with a child under 4 

Cover: £15,000

Payment: If you pass away

Take care of your loved ones with an Aviva Trust

Our Trusts give you more control over who your money goes to once you're gone and will usually be exempt from Inheritance Tax 3.

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It’s important to tell your family you have life insurance with us, and to share your policy number with them. This will help make things easier if they need to make a claim on your policy at what might be a difficult time.

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  • Answers to common questions
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If your family or loved ones need to make a life insurance claim, we’ll make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

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