Classic Car Insurance

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What is classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance is meant to cover older, more collectable vehicles you don’t drive every day. It’s not to cover a car you'd use to pop to the shops most days or to plough through hundreds of motorway miles.

We've teamed up with classic car specialists Hagerty International to offer expert cover for the cherished collectable car you use every now and again.

True value protection

Cover for the agreed value of your car (not just what you paid for it) Footnote [1]

European touring cover

Cover for up to 90 days of European travel – including breakdown and recovery

Laid-up cover

Cover against fire, damage and theft while your car is off the road

What’s the difference between classic car insurance and standard car insurance?

It comes down to two main factors, how old the car is and how often you use it. To decide if this Classic Car Insurance is right for you, see if you and your car tick everything on these checklists.

As the driver, you must:

  • Be a UK resident aged 30 years or over
  • Hold a full licence and have a good driving record
  • Use the car as a secondary vehicle, and not for day-to-day or business use
  • Drive less than 5,000 miles a year (or 3,000 miles a year for cars made after 1990)


The vehicle you’re driving must:

  • Be worth at least £1,000
  • Have collectable interest by falling into one of the classic car age bands Hagerty covers
  • Not be modified exclusively with racing features (i.e. roll cages or parachutes) Footnote [2]
  • Not be a caravan or home-built kit car

When does a car become classic?

Classic car insurance covers older cars which are considered in different age bands. From newest to oldest, these are modern classic, classic, vintage and veteran. There are no exact age boundaries drawn between these categories, but Hagerty’s cover defines them like this:

Modern classic – built between 1980 and 2000
Classic – built between 1951 and 1979
Vintage – built between 1911 and 1950
Veteran – built before 1910

Cover for veteran, vintage, classic and modern classic cars

Hagerty offer comprehensive cover as standard, including legal expenses and personal accident cover as well as a whole range of extras.

What’s covered

  • Comprehensive cover
    If your car’s damaged in an accident, theft or fire
  • Laid-up cover
    Cover for fire, theft or damage if your car’s registered off-road
  • European cover
    Up to 90 days of European driving each year
  • Breakdown and recovery
    Breakdown and recovery services in the UK and Europe (not including breaking down at home)
  • Personal belongings
    Cover up to £500
  • Driving other cars
    Drive any other car insured by Hagerty
  • Personal number plate
    Cover up to £5,000 if your personal plate is stolen
  • Personal accident cover
    £10,000 of personal accident cover for death, loss of limb or loss of eyes.
  • Legal expenses
    Cover for legal expenses and liability up to £20,000,000

What’s not covered

Unfortunately, we can’t cover everything. Make sure you’re comfortable with what’s not covered, including but not limited to:

  • Racing and rallies
    Loss or damage caused by taking part in or preparing for racing, rallies, trials or speed-testing in an organised or pre-arranged event
  • Electrical problems
    Including damage or malfunctioning of electronic systems
  • Tyre damage
    Caused by braking, punctures, cuts or bursts

Take a look at the policy wording for full details on what is and what is not included.

Read the policy wording

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Important documents

How to make a claim

Whatever happens, Hagerty are on hand to help – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Contact Hagerty

Call Hagerty as soon as possible on 0333 323 12433 and select ‘Option 3’ to make a claim.

If you’ve broken down, choose ‘Option 1’ when asked.

Step 2 of 3

Repair and return

Hagerty will make sure an approved repairer carries out any agreed repairs to your car, and that it’s back with you as quickly as possible.

Step 3 of 3

Settling your claim

Hagerty will work with you to recover any costs from another party and send your claim payment by cheque or transfer.

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