Accidental Death Insurance

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Cover if the worst happens

If you have Accidental Death Insurance with us, you’re in the right place to find information about your existing policy.

Full details of your cover are available in the policy documents sent to you.

These plans are currently not available to new customers.

Our plan

What's covered
  • Accidental death
    Covers death from an unexpected and unintentional accident that isn’t the symptom of a disease or illness
  • Worldwide cover
    As long as your main residence is in the UK, you’re covered if you die as a result of an accident anywhere in the world
  • Tax-free lump sum
    We’ll pay a tax-free lump sum if you die as a result of an accident
  • Cover from £2.09 a month
    For an individual who selects £20,000 of cover
  • Payment is in addition to any other policy
    We’ll pay any benefit regardless of whether the person making the claim is covered by other insurance policies

What's not covered

  • Death by illness or disease 
    This policy doesn’t cover death caused by illness or disease
  • Suicide and self-inflicted injuries
    You won’t be covered if your death is the result of suicide or self-inflicted harm
  • Reckless or dangerous behaviour 
    You’re not covered if your accident is due to reckless or dangerous behaviour including driving under the influence of drink or drugs

Take a look at our policy booklet for full details of what's not covered.

Read our Accidental Death Insurance Policy Booklet PDF (195KB)

How our claims process works

If your family or loved ones need to make a claim, we’ll make sure the process is as smooth as possible.


Let us know

Call us on 0800 051 5175 1 to start the claim process. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.


Expert review

Our team of experts will review the claim and be in contact if they need any more information such as medical consent forms or any contact information relating to the accident.


Paying your claim

If the claim is successful we’ll make the payment direct to the executors or administrators of your estate.

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