Investment bonds (Select Investment)

Tap into the growth potential of a medium-to-long-term bond

An investment bond with growth and income options

  • Flexibility – invest for growth, income, or a mix of both
  • Expertise – all the funds available through Select Investment are handled by our expert fund managers
  • Growth potential – the funds you invest in may increase in value, building your investment over the medium to long-term. Capital at risk

What are investment bonds?

Investing is all about getting your money to work harder - it's out there loosening its tie and taking risks. There are lots of ways to invest – stocks and shares, property, gilts – and our Select Investment bond is a way to mix and match across them, spreading your risk.

Every fund that sits in our Select Investment bond is looked after by our professional fund managers, who put all their expertise towards the aim of pulling in the highest possible returns on your money.

What you get back will depend on how long you invest for, the performance of the funds you choose, our charges and any withdrawals you make.

As it's an investment, the value of your bond can go down as well as up, and you may get less back than you invest.

The benefits of investment bonds

  • Tax planning
    By putting your investment bond in a trust, you could reduce your inheritance tax liability – or even get rid of it altogether. It’s worth exploring with your financial adviser, as depending on how you put your bond in trust, you could lose access to the investment or any growth it generates. Your exact tax benefits will depend on your circumstances and may change in the future.
  • Range of investment choices
    We’ve got a broad selection of funds to choose from, so you can match funds to your investment aims and the level of risk you’re comfortable with. Explore what we offer by having a look around our Fund Centre.
  • Access your money
    In most cases, you can access your money easily with either regular or one-off withdrawals, though for some funds there may be restrictions on when you can take your money. Always bear in mind that withdrawals will be taken from your capital investment, so the value of your bond will reduce if investment growth doesn’t keep up with the money you take.
  • Stay on top of your investments
    Use your secure MyAviva account to stay in control of your investment bond. Check its value, explore your transaction history, and withdraw money. It’s a great way for bond holders to stay on top of things – at the moment, it’s not available for trustees, deputies, or attorneys.

Is Select Investment for you?

A Select Investment bond offers flexibility, but it's designed to be left for the medium-to-long term. For it to be the right option for you, you’ll need a minimum of £10,000 to invest over at least 5-10 years and to be comfortable with the risk of investing. 

You can find out more about Select Investment, including details of any risks and how you can take money out of your bond, by reading our Key Features Document.

To choose our Select Investment bond, you'll need to speak to a financial adviser. While advisers may charge for their services, expert advice can be invaluable.

If you don’t have an adviser, the Aviva Financial Advice team can guide you on your investment options – just request a call back. Or, you can find one in your area at


To be eligible for a Select Investment bond, you’ll need to:

  • have a minimum of £10,000 to invest. In most cases, the maximum that can be invested into any Smooth Managed Fund is £1 million
  • be aged 12-85. Between 12-15, you’ll need a parent or guardian to co-sign
  • be a basic or higher-rate UK income taxpayer. If you don't pay any income tax, Select Investment may not be suitable for you.

How does our investment bond work?

It's simple to invest in Select Investment with the help of your financial adviser.

  1. Explore our funds
    Browse through our funds, including stocks & shares, gilts, and property, and listen for the ones that call out to you.
  2. Choose a spread
    Forget eggs and baskets – choose a mixture of different funds to invest in and spread your risk.
  3. We’ll keep you updated
    Each year we’ll send you a statement that breaks down how your bond is doing and what its current value is.
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Our charges

Our charges are broken down into two categories - the annual management charge and the fund manager charge.

Annual management charge
This is the charge we take to cover the cost of managing your bond. It's taken at the beginning of each month directly from your bond.

Fund manager charge Some funds cost a little extra on top of the annual management charge – this is usually to cover the fund manager’s expenses when buying, selling, valuing, and maintaining the assets in your bond. How much you'll pay will depend on the funds you choose.

These charges will be on top of anything you pay for financial advice.

Ready to apply?

To apply, speak to your financial adviser. Or, if you don’t have an adviser, reach out to the investment experts at the Aviva Financial Advice team.

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