Introducing Aviva Private Clients

Aviva Private Clients is highly personal insurance, offering extensive cover and exceptional service for those that have more to protect than the average person, whether that be an exclusive car, high-end jewellery or an expensive property.

Our aim? To provide you with complete protection and be there when you need us most.

Why choose Aviva Private Clients?

  • Bespoke insurance, tailored to your needs
  • Dedicated UK personal claim managers taking charge of incidents and aiming to settle on the first call – with no forms to fill out
  • Specialist suppliers, from high end jewellers to Porsche garages, or simply your own choice.

Why not use standard insurance?

For those that have more, insuring through a standard insurance policy can leave you uninsured by up to 50% - so when it comes time to claim, you may not be covered for everything, whether that’s your wine collection or bespoke jewellery inside the house, or your Porsche outside the house.

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