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Pet insurance for dogs and cats

We've partnered with Animal Friends Pet Insurance, founded in 1998 to help support animal welfare charities, they've donated over £5.6 million to over 500 animal charities.

Through Animal Friends Insurance, all dog and cat customers get instant access to qualified vets through the Joii app.

Free 24/7 vet video consultations

Available from the comfort of your own home for all dogs and cats insured with Animal Friends. 

Comprehensive symptom checker

A free tool that makes thousands of clinical decisions - built by vets for pet owners. 

Access to health clinics

With qualified vet nurses on a range of topics from puppy and kittens through to weight management and dental checks.

Why insure your pet?

Looking after the dog in your life

Few dogs enjoy going to the vet. But most will have to, most commonly for their ears, teeth or arthritis. Maybe they’ll be injured, or eat something they shouldn’t. While vet trips can be stressful for owners too, our pet insurance provided by Animal Friends can offer peace of mind about the bill afterwards.

Making sure your cat’s covered

With their natural curiosity, cats sometimes find themselves in trouble. Our pet insurance provided by Animal Friends can cover treatment in case of injury, for example from falls, road accidents or run-ins with other pets. They’ll also be covered if they come down with an illness or a condition they didn’t have before you took out your policy. 

Your cover options

Animal Friends have four types of policies for dogs and cats, with various levels of cover to meet your needs. Any policy you pick will help support animal charities. 

Accident only

Covers vet fees for injuries and complications arising from accidents. Does not cover illnesses.

Limits offered
  • £2,500 per accident, per year 
  • £15,000 lifetime per accident

Per condition dependent on your chosen policy.

Time Limited

Covers vets fees for each accident, illness or condition for 12 months or until your chosen limit is reached.

Limits offered
  • £1,000 - £4,000


Per condition dependent on your chosen policy.

Max Benefit

Covers vet fees for accident, illness and conditions up to your chosen cover limit.

Limits offered 

  • £1,000 - £4,000 


Per condition dependent on your chosen policy.


The most comprehensive option, offering continuous cover against accidents, illness and conditions.

Limits offered 

  • £1,000 - £6,000


Per condition dependant on your chosen policy.

Annual condition limits are refreshed each year when renewed. 

Ready to get cover?

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