Find and Combine

Take control of your pensions. Our free service can hunt them down, check for certain benefits and fees, and even bring them together. Capital at risk.

Why use Aviva’s Find and Combine service?

Whether you're on the hunt for lost pensions or eager to manage your existing ones, regardless of their size, we can help. With £26.6bn Footnote [1] in unclaimed funds out there in the UK, it’s worth seeing if some belongs to you.

To help you understand them better, we'll also check your pensions for certain benefits and fees.

  • Understanding the big picture

    Gathering up your lost pensions could give you a better view of your retirement money and what it could be worth in future. And with one pension, you’ll have less life admin too.

  • No obligation

    We’ll find and check your pensions for certain benefits and share the information with you for free so you can make more informed decisions about combining your pensions.

  • Lower fees

    Bringing your pensions together means just one set of management fees, so you could be better off. With Aviva, the bigger your pension, the lower our percentage charge.

Remember, the value of a pension can go down as well as up – and you could get back less than invested. You should check whether any valuable benefits could be lost. You should also check for charges and where you can invest. You may be required to get advice which you'll have to pay for.


How it works?

You can ask us to look for any UK pensions you could have or check the details of pensions you know about. Just follow these three simple steps below.

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Apply online

Give us as much information as you can about where you’ve worked and/or any pensions you might have had. Then we’ll start the hard work to track them down.

Applying online takes around 20 minutes.

Step 2 of 3

Get the details

We'll check for certain benefits, or if there are any charges for moving your pensions. You can see what we check for here. You may need to check for loss of benefits that we don't check for. You’ll usually be able to view each one online as they come in.

Step 3 of 3

Decide what to do

Once you have all the information, it's up to you what to do next. There's no pressure to transfer them if you're happier where they are. Our Find and Combine service gives you the option of bringing eligible pensions together into a new or existing Aviva pension.

Transferring your pensions to Aviva

If you already have the details for your past pensions and don’t need them checked, you can choose to transfer them yourself. You’ll need an existing pension with Aviva – or to open a new one with us.

Find and Combine FAQs

Why do you need to verify my identity?

Is this service just to find lost pensions?

How long does it take to Find and Combine my pensions?

Does it check for all pension benefits and charges?

Will you always find my lost pension?

How will my results be shown?

Can you check defined benefit (final salary) pensions?

Can I transfer into my existing Aviva pension?

Does this service offer financial advice?

Can I save my application and return to it?

What do you need to get started?

Comparing charges

Important documents

Before you apply, please read the below documents. We’ll ask you to accept our Terms of Use as part of your application.

Find and Combine Privacy Notice (PDF 64.6KB)

Find and Combine Terms of Use (PDF 147.3KB)

Ready for us to starting looking for your pensions?

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