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Keeping your business on the road

Sole trader or company. What’s the difference?

Sole trader

You’re the owner (or owners) but there’s no legal difference between you and your business. So you registered the vehicle in your name. This means you’ll need sole trader cover.

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You’re a director of your company. So when you bought a vehicle, you registered it in your company’s name. For this, you’ll need company cover.

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Why do I need Business Vehicle Insurance?

Business Vehicle Insurance – which is also known as commercial vehicle insurance – is a legal requirement in the UK, and protects you if you use your car or van for work-related purposes.

People often think that standard personal vehicle insurance policies cover them for work too, but this isn’t the case. Standard policies don’t offer the same level of protection as Business Vehicle Insurance does – in fact, standard policies only cover you for social use and commuting.

Business Vehicle Insurance covers a much wider range of uses than a standard vehicle insurance policy. With a commercial vehicle insurance policy, you’re protected if you travel between different locations for work, if you drive employees or colleagues around, use your van to commute to any place of work or if you use your vehicle for work – and anything else that you use the vehicle for on behalf of your business.

What’s included

We want you to be completely confident your policy covers everything you need it to. Our motor policy booklet (PDF 256KB) shows you all the risks we cover and benefits we deliver. Here are some of the highlights.

24/7 claims helpline

Call our UK helpline following an accident and we can arrange for someone to come out and help. We will also start your claim moving 1.

24-hour pickup

Had an accident? We’ll pick you up around the clock and arrange for your car to be dropped to a destination of your choice.

Uninsured driver promise

Hit by an uninsured driver? Give us the details of the driver and their vehicle and you won’t lose your no claim discount. We’ll even refund any excess you’ve paid.

Benefits to free you from worry and hassle

Repair and guarantee

We’ll provide a lifetime guarantee on all repairs made by our approved repairer for as long as your vehicle is insured with us.

However, if you decide to switch insurers then we’ll guarantee the quality of repairs made by our approved repairer for 3 years from the date it is fixed.

Parts are covered for the length of the guarantee from the manufacturer or supplier, and we won’t cover wear and tear.

Up to £500 tool cover

The tools you keep in your business vehicle or van are covered up to the value of £500 with our comprehensive insurance.

Passenger cover for your colleagues

Not all commercial vehicle policies will allow you to carry passengers, but ours does. So you’re still covered if you give a colleague a lift to the office or a site.

Replacement car and van options available

When you’ve got our comprehensive cover, we’ll supply replacement vehicles so your business can stay on the road.

Simple claims

With our straightforward online claims process and 24/7 claims helpline, making a claim just got easier.

Get more with our Business Vehicle Insurance

From injury to you or your passengers to chipped windscreens, our Business Vehicle Insurance protects you when you’re behind the wheel. Whether you choose our comprehensive or third-party, fire and theft cover, you could drive away with some of our optional extras – including:

  • Foreign use cover – keeps you covered if you’re working and driving in most European countries. You can read more information on Brexit.
  • Protected no claim discount – You won't lose your no claim discount as a direct result of a single claim.
  • Motor legal – expert legal support when you need it most.
  • Replacement van – if your van is off the road following a claim, we’ll provide you with a replacement vehicle until yours is either recovered, repaired or written off.
  • Courtesy car (standard) – we’ll provide a courtesy car for the duration of any repairs, so you can carry on with business
  • Courtesy car (enhanced) – the option, at an extra cost, of a larger courtesy car or vehicle if yours is involved in a claim

What isn’t covered?

Like most Business Vehicle Insurance policies and Van Insurance policies, we can’t cover you if your car or van is being used for purposes that aren’t under the description of use, or your vehicle is being driven by a driver your policy doesn’t cover. To make sure you're covered if you have to claim, take a look at our motor policy booklet for our  full list of exclusions (PDF 256KB).

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Sole trader

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Got a question?

We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Business Vehicle Insurance.

How do I change my details on my motor insurance?

Do you charge an admin fee to make a change?

How can I get proof of/transfer my no claim discount?

Am I entitled to driving other cars (DOC) cover?

How do I add or remove a driver or change my vehicle?

Temporary changes and renewals

What if I've got more than one vehicle?

Need some help?

If you’ve got a question about our Business Vehicle Insurance or you’d like to find out more, give us a call and our team will be happy to help with your query.

General queries
0800 051 2382

24/7 claims helpline
0345 030 6925*

*Costs of calls to 03 prefixed numbers are charged at national call rates (charges may vary depending on your network provider). These calls are usually included in inclusive minute plans from landlines and mobiles. For joint protection, we may record and/or monitor calls.

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