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It takes Aviva Group Protection to take care of your employees and your business

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Group Protection solutions explained

Aviva’s Group Protection is designed to help businesses of all shapes and sizes, from the very large to the very small. Our comprehensive range of cover includes financial support, alongside wellbeing services such as Digital GP, gym discounts and mental wellbeing apps. We can support your employees, emotionally and practically, when times are tough.

All added value services and workplace wellbeing solutions are non-contractual benefits which can be withdrawn by Aviva at any time, without notice.


Why might you need Group Protection?

The biggest companies can usually draw on the necessary resources to cope when employees need to take time off from work. But absences can really hurt smaller businesses. If you’re in this position, worrying about absence can cause sleepless nights. We’ve also seen a rise in the need for wellbeing support in the workplace which smaller businesses are less likely to have resources available to fulfil. In fact, our research found 39% of SME employees value workplace wellbeing support.1

Our protection goes beyond offering employees financial peace of mind. You’ll find that providing your workforce with a great range of benefits – which go above and beyond a salary – can make you more competitive when it comes to recruiting and retaining staff.

Brian's story

Portrait of Brian smiling

Brian became absent from work following an increase in feelings of low mood and stress, exacerbated by multiple bereavements. 

He tried to return to work twice, but the combination of anxiety and depression meant he was unable to sustain work. Brian and his employers contacted Aviva to support his latest return to work attempt. 

Our Case Manager contacted Brian to complete an initial needs assessment to gather information on his situation. 

Due to his symptoms and previous experience with talking therapy, and his return to work attempts, we referred Brian to our rehabilitation partners Psych Health to begin a course of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). He completed an initial assessment with their psychologist within two weeks. 

We also worked with Brian and his employer to develop a seven-week phased return to work plan, to allow a gradual increase in his hours and responsibilities. Throughout his return to work, our case manager maintained regular contact, monitoring Brian’s therapeutic and vocational progress. 

After just four weeks he reported a noticeable increase in his mood and motivation. By the end of Aviva’s intervention Brian’s symptoms had fully resolved and he had returned to his full-time role. A few months on from being back at work, he confirmed a continued improvement in his ability to manage his symptoms.

“I couldn’t have come out of it myself. I needed this help. You could tell it was tailored to me. Throughout the sessions he [Psych Health Psychologist] remembered information I gave to tailor things to me, to make sure every aspect of my life was not just back to normal, but to where I needed it to be.” 

Brian Davies, Claims Executive, age 50

Group Protection benefits for SMEs

  • Improve workplace wellbeing
    Our added value benefits aim to improve the overall wellbeing of your staff, creating a happier, healthier workforce.
  • Payment options to suit your business
    You can choose to pay your premium annually, quarterly or monthly at no extra cost.
  • Greater choice and flexible cover
    Cover your employees if they become ill, suffer an injury, or die with our range of protection options – Group Life cover, Group Income Protection and Group Critical Illness.
  • Wellbeing services included
    Each cover includes a range of added value services to help support your employees emotionally and physically when they need it most.
  • Attract and retain staff
    Stand out from the competition and offer a truly valuable benefits package that shows you care.
  • Limited underwriting
    In most cases, we’ll only need to medically underwrite policy members once, letting you get back to business, while we take care of the rest of the process.
  • Work with teams that understand your needs
    Our expert staff understand the needs of SMEs so you can be sure you, your employees, and your financial adviser are in safe hands. 
  • Hassle-free Master Trust arrangements
    We take care of this on your behalf at no additional cost, providing a simple and affordable solution for smaller employers who wish to save time and cost when setting up a scheme.

Aviva Community Fund
We’re committed to supporting organisations doing great work to build stronger, more resilient communities across the UK. We’ve provided thousands of causes with funding, skills, and resources.

The products we offer

Group Life

Supports your employees’ loved ones if the worst happens. As well as financial support it also includes added value services such as bereavement support, which also applies to fellow employees. Plus, you also have the option to cover your whole workforce under our Master Trust arrangement.

Group Income Protection

Pays your employees a regular monthly income if they’re absent from work due to an illness or injury, and their salary decreases. The early intervention and wide range of workplace wellbeing solutions available aims to help you reduce long term sickness absence, so your employees can recover and return to work.

Group Critical Illness

Financial support for your employees when they need it most. They’ll receive a tax-free lump sum if they’re diagnosed with a critical illness or undergo an operation that’s defined in the policy. We also automatically cover your employees’ children.

Our Wellbeing Services

Wellbeing service Group Life Group Income Protection Critical Illness Cover

Aviva DigiCare+ Workplace app including:

Digital GP
Annual health checks
Nutrition consultations
Mental health consultations
Second medical opinion



Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)      
Stress helpline      
Bereavement helpline      
Thrive: Mental Wellbeing      
Gym discounts      
Workplace wellbeing support      
Early intervention and rehabilitation      
Aviva Line Manager Toolkit: Mental Health      
RedArc Personal Nurse      
Wellbeing Library      

These services are non-contractual and can be withdrawn by Aviva at any time.

The above services are available to employees who are permanent residents of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

How to apply

If you would like to take out an Aviva Group Protection product for between 3-250 lives, please speak to your financial adviser.

If you don't have a financial adviser, you can find one at

An adviser may charge for their services.

Please note, we are currently unable to offer direct quotes for Group Protection products but if you have any other questions, we'll be happy to help.

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