Workplace Wellbeing

Building resilience for employers and their workforce

Taking care of people is our business

We support our clients by helping their employees gain a greater control of key aspects of their wellbeing. We do this by creating awareness, knowledge and confidence across physical, financial and mental wellbeing - through provision of a wide variety of tools, content and services. By supporting employees to become more confident we hope to improve their wellbeing, build workforce resilience and, in the long term, benefit the organisation as a whole. 

Engaged workforce

Wellbeing initiatives tailored to employee needs can help increase engagement. Our targeted multi-channel offering ensures key wellbeing messages are delivered in the most relevant and timely way for your workforce.

Workforce resilience

Successful wellbeing initiatives can build happier, healthier more financially confident individuals. Over time this can lead to a more resilient workforce, better able to avoid negative wellbeing issues or indeed to recover more swiftly from them. As the workforce becomes more resilient so, over time will organisational performance improve.

Employer of choice

We understand that attracting and retaining the right talent is one of the biggest challenges businesses face. Today, talented people looking for their next career move are likely to expect their wellbeing to be a high priority for their new employer.

By having a robust and comprehensive approach to wellbeing, you will position your organisation favourably compared to its peers.

What we offer

Here is a flavour of the tools, content and services that we have developed to put our client's employees in greater control of their wellbeing with the aim of achieving a more resilient workforce and a higher performing organisation.

Financial Wellbeing

We believe financial wellbeing is about helping employees feel in control of their and their family's finances, both now and into the future.

We can support your employees wherever they may be on their financial journey. For example, written and video content as well as budgeting tools for those seeking financial stability or looking to set firm foundations for their finances. Workplace savings for those looking to build a saving pot and the MidLife MOT, MyPension and Aviva Financial Advice team to support those looking to develop a medium term plan and optimise retirement income.

Physical and Mental Wellbeing

When you look after your physical and mental wellbeing, you can improve your overall health. 

That's why we encourage employees to look after themselves, through the range of wellbeing services we provide to promote a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

Aviva Digital GP and Aviva Wellbeing are available as value-added services with Aviva Private Medical Insurance, and Aviva DigiCare+ Workplace and Workplace Wellbeing are available with Aviva Group Income Protection.

Financial advice for your team

It's important for your employees to have access to financial advice

If you don't already have an adviser able to  help your employees make decisions about their pension and investments, then they can have a chat with one of our Aviva advisers - there's no charge to you or them for the first meeting. 

Take a look at what’s on offer (PDF 646KB)

Wellbeing hubs

Our article hubs, have been created for you and your employees to digest useful information that improves their wellbeing and resilience.

Shape my future

Help your employees to start thinking more about their financial wellbeing and future by saving smarter, using our tools and content to inspire them to plan for tomorrow.

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The Aviva Edit

What can you do to look after what you have now, and get the most out of your future? Get advice from our articles, on everything from pensions to pets.

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Why choose us

Investing in wellbeing

We know that for you and your employees wellbeing has never been as important so we have developed a comprehensive range of content, tools and services to support all of your employees.

Building business resilience

Taking care of business is in our DNA. We have a range of products and services to help you prevent and manage risk for your business and your workforce. By delivering a cohesive and comprehensive wellbeing programme we can help you build a more resilient business.

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