Auto enrolment knowledge centre

The key topics explained

Auto enrolment explained

Auto enrolment: the basics

Everything you need to know about auto enrolment is right here in our complete guide, from employee eligibility to what to do with re-enrolment.

Duties start date explained

Your auto enrolment duties start at the same time as your first employment contract. This is the same time as your PAYE duties.

Missed your duties start date?

It’s best to start preparing for your auto enrolment duties well in advance, but we know it’s sometimes easier said than done. That’s why we’re here to talk you through a late or missed duties start date.

Using postponement

You can delay assessing your staff for auto enrolment if you need to. This is called postponement – and you can find out how and when to use it.

Types of workplace pension

From defined benefit pension schemes to Group Personal Pensions, our guide helps you find out more about the different types of scheme available.

What you need to do

Auto enrolment in eight steps

Auto enrolment can seem complex, but it’s easy if you know what to do and when to do it. Our eight-step guide tells you what, when and how to complete your auto enrolment duties.

Who do I need to auto-enrol?

Employees have to meet certain criteria in order to become members of your workplace pension. Find out who’s eligible for auto enrolment and how to assess your staff.

Auto enrolment: employee opt out

Employees who’ve been auto enrolled onto your workplace pension scheme can choose to opt out. Our comprehensive guide tells you how, when, and what to do.

Completing the declaration of compliance

To let The Pensions Regulator know you’re up to date, you’ll need to complete a declaration of compliance. Here’s how to do it.

Guide to re-enrolment

As part of your auto enrolment duties, you’ll have to re-enrol eligible employees regularly. Not sure how? We’re on hand to help.

The costs of auto enrolment

Auto enrolment costs

Wondering what financial impact a workplace pension scheme will have on your business? Our overview of the costs talks you through how much you’ll have to pay.


By law, you’re required to contribute to your employees’ pension schemes. Explore our guide to find out your options, and how much you’ll need to contribute.

Tax relief

We show you how tax relief will be applied to your employees pension contributions. Find out what the difference is between relief at source and the net pay arrangement.

Am I legally compliant?

Our straightforward guide to auto enrolment law and legislation tells you everything you need to do to provide your employees with a compliant workplace pension.

Getting help from a business adviser

If you need some extra support with your workplace pension, a business adviser can help you set up and run your scheme.

Got a question?

We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about auto enrolment.

What is auto enrolment?

Does auto enrolment apply to me?

When will auto enrolment start to affect me?


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