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Investment options

Give your employees the freedom to invest

How your employees can invest

With our workplace pension, employees have access to our carefully chosen default fund or a choice of over 200 other investment funds. With so much choice, they can focus their funds as they choose and manage everything easily in MyAviva.

Default option

Workers will be enrolled into our default approach, which has been built to meet the needs of the majority of employees

Over 200 investment options

With a choice of funds, employees have the freedom to invest in a way that suits them.

Ethical and Sharia funds

We have a range of ethical funds available, as well as a Sharia fund which only invests in companies that meet Islamic investment principles

Our default investment option complies with all auto enrolment requirements. Please remember the value of a pension can go down as well as up, so members could get back less than has been paid in.

Our default investment option

Known as our My Future Focus Lifestage Approach, this default option starts by investing employees’ money into funds aimed at providing growth over the long term. As the employee approaches retirement, their money is gradually moved into other funds, chosen to help reduce fluctuations in the value of their pension pot in the final few years.

Once your employee reaches retirement they can take money from their pension pot as they need it – either as lump sums or as a flexible income. This approach is not designed to prepare an employee for buying a guaranteed income for life (annuity) or for withdrawing their entire pot at once.

Take a look at our retirement section for more information on what your employees can do with their pension.

How it works

Preparing for retirement

Up to 10 years before your employee’s chosen retirement age, the approach invests in the My Future Focus Growth, which aims to provide growth.

Download the fund factsheet [0.4MB]

Approaching retirement

From 10 years before your employee’s chosen retirement age, their money is gradually moved into My Future Focus Consolidation, which aims to help reduce fluctuations in the value of their pension pot.

Download the fund factsheet [0.4MB]

200+ investment funds available alongside our default option

For those employees who want the option of investing their money outside of the default option, we oversee a range of over 200 investment funds which they can choose from.

These include:

  • Actively managed and passive funds
  • Ethical and Sharia options 
  • Choices from 30 fund management houses, including many top names like Aberdeen, Invesco Perpetual, Jupiter and Schroders

Your employees can research, manage and change their investment choices online using MyAviva. There are no charges for switching funds, and they can make as many changes as they like.

Find the details of all of the available funds in our Fund Centre.

Research and select funds on MyAviva

MyAviva is an online management system that gives your employees convenience, choice and control. Once you're with us it’s easy for them to view their account and check how their investments are performing, arrange changes to their investments at any time, and research and make new investments.

Case study

Jane is 44 and has £35,000 in her pension pot. After hearing about our ethical funds, she decided to find out more, despite not being entirely confident in how to invest. Using the MyAviva app on her tablet she could compare different funds using our charts and factsheets. She decided to invest in a green fund which didn’t support any companies responsible for environmental pollution, and used the app to transfer her money for free .

Fund choices for everyone

Our fund range also includes ethical funds and a Sharia fund. As with other funds, the value of investments can go down as well as up and members may get back less than has been paid in.

Ethical and responsible investment funds

Our range includes ethical and responsible investment funds, offered to those who want to invest their money in line with their beliefs and principles. This includes areas such as the environment and fair trade. It’s also the ideal option for people who want to make sure that their money isn’t used to support organisations or policies that don’t align with their views.

With a number of ethical funds to choose from, your employees can choose to invest their money and make the right long term investments.

Our Sharia fund

The Sharia fund that we offer only invests in things that comply with the principles of Sharia law, avoiding areas such as alcohol, tobacco, weapons and gambling. This fund invests in companies that meet Islamic investment principles.

How we monitor our investment options

The government has issued detailed guidance explaining how default investments used for automatic enrolment should be governed. Our fund governance team looks after this so you don’t have to.

We’ll also:

  • Ensure the investment approach is suitable for the majority of automatically enrolled employees and that it meets or exceeds regulatory requirements
  • Review the approach at least every 3 years to make sure it’s still suitable
  • Review the performance of underlying funds to check whether they’re performing in relation to their sector and/or benchmark
  • Replace any funds that are not performing as they should
  • Provide members of your scheme with information about the default investment approach

Our full fund range is also subject to high levels of governance and oversight. We regularly monitor all of our funds, both external and those managed by us, to ensure they meet the needs of our customers.

If we feel a fund isn’t doing this we take action, which can mean removing it from our range.

Our workplace pension is also overseen by an independent governance committee (IGC) to  make sure it offers value for money for all scheme members.

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