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Our savings and investment options help employees save or invest in the way they want, giving them more ways to put their money towards their short- and long-term goals.

Our savings and investment options

All of our savings and investment options can be directly integrated with payroll, allowing contributions to be collected directly from an employee’s salary. Employees can also make further contributions directly from their bank account and take their benefits package with them if they leave the company. All our savings and investment products are available as standalone products or alongside our pension schemes.

Cash ISA

Our Cash ISA is a tax-efficient and low risk way to save, offering members a variable rate of interest on the invested amount over the life of the ISA. In 2024/2025 members can invest up to £20,000 into ISAs. It can be an ideal way for your employees to invest for short- to medium-term goals.

Stocks and Shares ISA

Our Stocks and Shares ISA is a tax-efficient way to invest in any of our investment funds. It gives members the option to choose from over 900 funds as well as shares and investment trusts. With an ISA allowance of £20,000 for 2024/2025, this ISA can help your members to invest for their medium- to long-term goals.

Investment account

Our General Investment accounts (GIA) are designed to help members continue investing beyond the ISA limit. Giving them the freedom to invest in over 900 different funds, it may also be useful for members who have several investments and want to consolidate them into one place.

For the Cash ISA, inflation will reduce the buying power of members' money, particularly if the interest rate is lower than the rate of inflation. For the Stocks and Shares ISA and the Investment Account, the value of investments can go down as well as up. Members may get back less than they pay in.

Credibility and integration


We've consistently received strong ratings from major credit rating agencies and continue to be a trusted name in the industry. We've been around for more than 325 years and have 18.5 million customers across the UK, Ireland and Canada.

All of the funds on our platforms are governed on an ongoing basis by our in-house governance team to ensure they remain suitable for our customers at all times, and continue to perform in line with expectations.


We offer savings and investment products alongside our pension offering. Our savings and investment options are fully integrated into the same platform as our pensions, making them easier for your members to manage.

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