Our workplace pension – information for advisers

Set up or switch a client’s pension scheme

Supporting you and your clients

As a leader in the UK pension market we can provide a new pension scheme or switch an existing scheme quickly and easily. Please note that a minimum number of contributing employees may apply.

Plus, when you move a scheme, the process is simple and we have a support team who will be available to help if you need them.

Easy to manage

Your clients can manage their scheme online with MyAvivaBusiness

Simple to switch

Switching to us is easy, with help available if you need it

Free to set up

We don’t charge a set-up fee

The value of investments can go down as well as up and members may get back less than has been paid in.

Benefits for you and your clients

Our workplace pension has a range of benefits for you, your clients and individual members.

For you

  • Simple to move
    Moving your scheme is straightforward and if you need a hand our UK-based support team are ready and waiting
  • Free to set up
    We don't charge you to set up a scheme – if there's a monthly cost for running your scheme we'll show this in your quote
  • Leading pension provider
    We’re a leader in the UK pensions market, looking after £376 billion of assets for our customers through long-term savings and investments
  • Flexible charging options
    We offer initial, ongoing or ad-hoc adviser charging options
  • Dedicated team
    Our business development managers offer committed, ongoing support

For clients and scheme members

  • Payroll compatibility
    Our workplace pension is compatible with payroll software, making it easy to manage monthly payments
  • Over 200 funds
    A default investment approach to suit the needs of most members, or a range of over 200 investment funds for those who want more control
  • Easy to manage
    Overall scheme management is easy on MyAvivaBusiness. Members can also view their pension online and make changes using MyAviva
  • Pension freedoms
    Scheme members have full flexibility when taking their pension benefits
  • Clear information
    Find out more about pensions and auto-enrolment, without the jargon

What are the costs?

For scheme members

Capped charges for the default investment option

For scheme members using the default investment option, the fund charge will be no higher than 0.75% a year. We won't add any extra charges.

For our full fund range

Over 200 funds available

For scheme members looking for more choice, we have over 200 investment funds available. Some of these may include extra charges.

For your client

No setup fee

We don't charge a setup fee for our workplace pension. If there's a monthly cost for running the pension scheme, we'll show this in your quote.

What you’ll need to apply

If your client has a pension scheme elsewhere and wants to come to Aviva for their future pension provision, they can find out more here.

Step 1 of 3

Get your Aviva account number

If you don’t have an account number, apply for one now.

If you’ve forgotten your adviser account number (sometimes referred to as your agency code) or you’re not sure that you have an Aviva account, email us at acinfo@aviva.com.

Step 2 of 3

Your client’s business details

Tell us your client’s business name, address, registration number (if they have one) and scheme start date. We’ll need your details too.

Step 3 of 3

Key scheme contacts

We'll need the names of your client's main contacts, like the administrator, authorised signatory (someone responsible for invoicing and who can receive legal notices on behalf of the client).

Ready to get started?

See how much our workplace pension could cost your client.

Important documents

Learn more about our workplace pension

Find out more about how our workplace pension is set up and managed, including how to move a pension scheme from elsewhere to Aviva, compatible payroll integration and employee investment options.

Setting up your own workplace pension scheme?

See how we can help with workplace pensions if you're a payroll professional or an employer.

Workplace pension and saving products

If you’re looking for solutions for larger schemes or have more complex requirements, we have a wide range of pensions and savings products to choose from.

Contact us

If you've got a query about our workplace pension we'll be happy to help.

Email us: corporatenewbusiness@aviva.com