Making the right move

Our simple switching process means you can set your clients up with our workplace pension scheme and transfer their assets quickly and easily.

Please note that a minimum number of contributing employees may apply. We won't charge you, your client or their employees a thing for transferring workplace pensions to us.

Simple switching process

Once you’ve got a quote, it’s quick and easy to complete the application and switch to us

Dedicated support

Access to our UK-based phone and email support throughout the process

Asset transfer specialists

Our experienced team can help you with the movement of existing scheme funds provided the employees agree

The value of a pension can go down as well as up and employees may get back less than the amount paid in. There’s no guarantee your client or their employees will be better off by transferring.

Before the employees can transfer

There are some workplace pensions we won’t accept for transfer and there are a few things you and your client will need to consider first.

Unless individual scheme members have received a personal recommendation from a financial adviser, we won’t accept:

  • Any safeguarded benefits the employee currently has
  • We won't accept funds that have been crystallised

You won’t be able to move:

  • Pensions that employees have already started taking an income from

You’ll need to be aware that:

  • There may be a charge from existing pension providers for leaving them
  • During a transfer, pension money will not be invested anywhere and any rise in the value of investments may be missed during that time
  • If the employee wishes to cancel, the old pension provider may not accept the transfer back

How to transfer an existing scheme

Step 1

Get a quote and apply

Get a quote to see how much it will cost to transfer your client's scheme. If it looks like the right choice, you can apply easily online.

Step 2

Scheme set up

Once the application is approved and we have all the information we need, we can set up and install your client’s scheme.

Step 3

Transfer existing assets

If there are existing employee assets to transfer, we'll discuss with you the options available to move the funds over to their new policy.

Ready to switch?

To find out if switching to our workplace pension is right for your client, get a quote.

Contact us

If you’ve got a query about auto enrolment or our workplace pension, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.