What is PensionSync?

PensionSync is a one-stop-shop pension management portal compatible with payroll software. PensionSync collects, validates and formats pension data files straight from your payroll software into Aviva. You won’t need to manually export data, input new employee information, search for opt out information or log into another system to authorise direct debits. It’s seamless and stress free.

Fully integrated payroll system

Streamline your payroll and pension duties, save time and reduce mistakes

Keep your data secure

Improve your data security by removing the need to manually input data

Easy audits

Check when data was submitted, and whether it was successful or not

With PensionSync, you can submit your auto enrolment member data directly from your payroll system. PensionSync can be used with any payroll software that can produce a PAPDIS file.

Even if your payroll software isn’t compatible with PensionSync, you can upload data files just as easily via MyAvivaBusiness.

PensionSync services

Automated pension processing

PensionSync lets you automatically enrol workers directly from your payroll software, check contribution data is validated and sent to Aviva with a clear audit trail and automatically tracks opt outs and worker changes. 

Pension data error correction

PensionSync automatically corrects common errors between payroll and pensions in the correct format requirements for Aviva. There’s often no need to make changes to payroll or change pension configurations.

Set up and use PensionSync

You can connect an existing scheme through your payroll system, or get a price and apply for a new scheme directly.

Step 1 of 3

Open PensionSync in your payroll system

In your payroll software, open the PensionSync module to log in or sign up. You may need to speak to your payroll provider about opening an account.

You can check your scheme price in less than 10 minutes by simply filling in your details.

Step 2 of 3

Set up your scheme

Complete your scheme details in your payroll software to finish your setup. We’ll send you a MyAvivaBusiness login on or just after the date the scheme starts. See our Training Centre for further useful auto enrolment guides.

Step 3 of 3

Run your payroll as usual

Run your payroll each period and PensionSync will automatically transfer your data.

Guide to PensionSync

Our guide describes how to work with a new or existing Aviva pension scheme using PensionSync, from setting up or linking an account to managing opt-outs and contributions.

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