Managing your payroll data

Our workplace pension works with all types of payroll software, making it quicker and easier to manage your scheme. Even if you’re a small company without a payroll system, you can manage your scheme online through MyAvivaBusiness.

Simple online management

Uploading payroll files or entering data manually is simple with MyAvivaBusiness

Compatible with payroll software

Automatically transfer your data with a number of payroll providers, such as PensionSync and BrightPay

Training and support

We have handy guides to make sure administrators know how to complete their monthly duties and have a team on hand to help if you need them

Pension integration with BrightPay

Our workplace pension works directly with BrightPay payroll software so that your duties can be completed simply and seamlessly. You won’t need to manually upload data files, saving you time and increasing security by cutting out errors.

BrightPay payroll software can also complete auto enrolment tasks on your behalf. Read our guide to find out more about how it works.


Connect your payroll using PensionSync

PensionSync is a service that connects your payroll software to Aviva and automatically delivers employee and pension contribution data. Find out more about working with Aviva using PensionSync.

PensionSync can be used with any payroll software that can produce a PAPDIS file. This fully-integrated solution is available with:

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Upload your data to MyAvivaBusiness

You can download your data as a payroll file and then upload it to MyAvivaBusiness. Depending on the payroll software you use, this can take as little as 2 minutes – and if there are any errors, you can correct them online in our billing portal.

Smaller companies can simply type information directly into our billing system. Once you know the information you need to enter, this is a simple and straightforward task.

Support for the scheme administrator

We’ll give the scheme administrator training and support materials to help them complete their monthly duties.

You’ll need to upload the details of all employees who will be joining the scheme and send us contribution details for all members each month. This includes any employees who have left the company, or have no contributions to make.

If you use PensionSync or BrightPay, the information can be transferred automatically.

Looking for something else?

Helpful guides

Find out more about how our workplace pension works with PensionSync and BrightPay.