Buildings and Contents Insurance

Protect where you work and the equipment inside

Do I need Buildings and Contents Insurance for my business?

Buildings Insurance

Buildings Insurance protects your business in the event of damage to your building by fire, flood, burst pipes or storms. If you wouldn’t be able to afford repairs or rebuilding work straight away, Buildings Insurance could help.

Contents Insurance

You can choose Contents Insurance by itself to protect your furnishings, fixtures and fittings, trade stock and glass against common risks – even if you don’t own the building that you run your business from.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Nowadays, technology plays a fundamental role in the running of most – if not all – businesses. If your business relies on electronic equipment like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, cash registers and more, make sure it’s all covered with our Electronic Equipment Insurance to avoid any nasty surprises – available only when you buy our contents cover.

You will need to consider if Buildings and Contents cover is suitable for yours and your businesses needs and check the full details. 

Why choose Aviva?

Cover against damage to your property

Whether it’s structural damage caused by flooding or subsidence, accidental damage to your property or theft, malicious or accidental damage to your contents, our policies can help protect your business.

Buy separately or together

Want Contents Insurance but not buildings cover? No problem. You can choose to buy either Buildings Insurance or Contents insurance – and if you need both, you can buy them together.

Simple claims

Need to make a claim? With Aviva it’s quick, easy, and straightforward – and all dealt with by our UK claims centre. That’s another load off your mind.

What’s included


  • Cover against risks including flood, accidental damage and subsidence
  • Replacement of broken glass, plus any boarding-up costs
  • Cover against accidental damage to underground cables and pipes that run from your building to the public mains
  • Replacement locks if keys (including digital cards) are stolen – up to £50,000
  • Protection against loss of metered water – up to £50,000
  • An extra 20% uplift – at no extra cost – on the sum of the insurance you’ve told us you need to reduce the risk of a shortfall in cover


  • Protection at your residence if you work from home, or at an employee’s residence if they work from home
  • Cover for personal items belonging to employees or visitors
  • Replacement of broken glass
  • Cover for any damaged contents in windows, displays and sanitaryware
  • Protection for trade stock and promotional merchandise

Electronic Equipment Insurance

As you have taken out Contents Insurance, to add your Electronic Equipment we make this a combined total. This means you receive all the benefits on Contents Insurance plus:

  • Cover for portable items if taken off the business premises
  • Protection against unauthorised use of your mobile phone up to £250 (subject to two claims in any period of insurance)
  • Cover for the cost of recreating your business records, computer records, plans and designs, up to £10,000
  • If you take out Contents Insurance with us as well, we’ll combine the total of your covers. This means that if you make a claim, we’ll combine the total value of the contents and electronic equipment you need to insure to reduce the risk of a shortfall in cover


For more information about our covers and exclusions please refer to Summary of cover documents.

What isn’t included


  • Cover for damage caused by general wear and tear
  • Certain losses when your premises are unoccupied for more than 45 consecutive days

Contents Insurance/Electronic Equipment Insurance

  • Cover for damage caused by wear and tear, defective design or workmanship
  • Certain losses when your premises are unoccupied for more than 45 consecutive days
  • Insurance against damage to property in the open caused by wind, rain, hail, sleet, snow, flood or dust
  • Items that are insured separately

For more information about our covers and exclusions please refer to Important documents.

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Boost your cover

Choose additional cover to supplement your Buildings and Contents Insurance. These covers are available to particular trades or types of premises.

Business Income Insurance

If your premises is damaged or destroyed, your income can take the hit too. With Business Income Insurance, you’re protected from loss of income, up to £1 million, for a maximum period of 36 months.

Money cover

Protect your business from the loss or theft of business money on your premises, or when carried by you or your employees.

What’s not covered

We will not provide cover for shortages due to clerical/accountancy errors or loss due to fraud or dishonesty of employees (unless reported within 7 workings days of the loss).

Shortage due to clerical or accountancy errors

Loss due to the fraud or dishonesty of any employees not discovered within seven working days

Terrorism cover

If your business operates from a high-risk location, such as a city centre, terrorism cover protects it in the rare instance of an attack that causes damage to your property.

Deterioration of stock, drugs and vaccines

Cover the cost of replacing valuable stock in the event of a refrigerated unit breaking down or a failure in your power supply.

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What's the difference between electronic equipment cover and Tools, Stock and Business Equipment Insurance?

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