Boosting your resilience through choppy financial waters

We’re by your side, through trouble and tranquillity

If your business is struggling under the pressure of costs going up or supply shortages, we can help lighten the load with flexible cover, free resources, and we'll aim to pay claims as quickly as possible.

Streamline your spending with our flexible cover and payment plans

If you’re struggling to pay, we can offer flexible payment terms for Direct Debit customers, and to distribute the dent to your cash flow, annual payments have instalment options. For payment queries, please talk to our team on 0800 068 5438.

We'll aim to pay claims as fast as possible, taking into consideration your individual circumstance

You need cash to stay afloat, so we will aim to process claims without delay. If you suffer a large loss, stopgap payments can be unlocked, depending on your case.

Make your business resilient

Our risk management website offers best practice guidance and specialist content to help keep the wheels in motion. 

There’s a wealth of resources on business continuity, supply chain management, rebuilding periods, wellbeing and more.

To make your business more resilient, discover our risk management solutions.

Loss prevention library

Take advantage of a wide range of guidance and standards to support risk management within your business. Whether protecting your people, property or valuable assets, our dedicated content offers practical preparation to handle tricky scenarios and reduce your business’ risk.

Learn more about protecting your business in our loss prevention library and risk management guides

Tap into a network of experts

Work with our Specialist Partner Network at preferential rates for support across a range of services. From business resilience to employee training, valuation services and security assessments.

Explore our Specialist Partner Network.

Supporting the people who support you

In response to rising costs and ballooning debt levels, you’ll have access to two leading money charities.

Business Debtline

We've partnered with Business Debtline, a free service supporting self-employed people and small businesses in dealing with their debts and taking steps to overcome difficult financial situations.

Get free support from Business Debtline

Citizens Advice

We've pledged £7 million to support our partnership charity, Citizens Advice. New advisers will be hired to help up to 250,000 additional people in need, through telephone, webchat and in community settings.

Find out how Citizens Advice can help

Struggling to cover your policy costs?

If you have concerns about payments, get in touch with us. If you purchased your policy through a broker, please contact them.