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Aviva Public Liability Insurance helps protect your business against personal injury or property damage claims from your clients, visitors or from the general public.

When someone makes a claim against your business, this insurance can cover the costs that you are held responsible or are liable for. This could include legal fees and expenses, as well as any compensation.

We protect hundreds of different types of trades and businesses. If you’re set up as a sole trader, limited company or partnership we can help.

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What does Aviva Public Liability Insurance cover?

Aviva’s Public Liability Insurance helps protect your business against personal injury or property damage claims from your clients, visitors or the general public. You may need cover for these three important risk areas. The examples below are for illustrative purposes only and are not based on real people.

Property damage

Accidental damage to someone else's property

Picture this...

Mark was cleaning inside a client's home when he accidentally spilled cleaning fluid causing damage to the carpet. Mark told his client that his insurance would likely cover the damage. The claim was successful.


Accidental injury to clients or members of the public

Picture this...

Josephs building firm was working at a construction site when a loose plank of wood fell on a pedestrian and they sustained a head injury.  If Joseph is liable for the incident, his Aviva insurance would provide cover for his legal fees and compensation for the injured pedestrians injury and legal fees.

Compensation, costs and expenses

If you have to attend court or pay legal fees

Picture this...

Maria's IT business was taken to court for causing damage to several new computers and accidentally injuring one of her customer's staff members. Aviva dealt with the claim, covering the compensation and costs involved.

What’s included

  • Accidental damage
    You’ll get accidental damage cover for employees and visitors – including vehicles and belongings
  • Injury
    We’ll provide injury cover for working partners if your business is a partnership
  • Legal expenses
    We’ll cover legal defence fees including any compensation you owe, and if you need to attend court, we'll pay up to £500 per day
  • Flexible cover options
    Choose from £1m, £2m and £5m cover to suit your contract or trade

For specific trades, you’ll also get:

  • Hairdressers Liability
    We’ll cover you if your client has suffered hair or scalp damage due to a treatment
  • Products Liability
    Cover if a product you make or supply causes accidental injury to someone or damages their property

What isn’t included

Like all insurance policies, there are some things we can’t cover including:

  • Injury cover for employees
    We can’t cover your employees for injuries – for that, you’ll need Employers’ Liability Insurance
  • Repair or damage costs
    We can't pay repair or damage costs to a product you supplied or work you completed, including the cost of removing or replacing it (also includes work completed on your behalf)
  • Payment of fines and penalties
    We can’t pay for fines and penalties
  • Environmental issues
    We can't cover you for any damage which occurs from pollution or contamination, or any asbestos-related claims

For more information about our covers and exclusions please refer to the summary of cover documents.

Why Aviva Public Liability Insurance?

Here are three key reasons our Public Liability Insurance will be there for you.


Aviva has the tech - your business can easily access and manage your cover

  • Aviva's Public Liability Insurance is online 24/7, giving you access to your documents whenever you need them.
  • Check your policy documents online, easily and securely.
  • You can pay premiums monthly at no extra cost.


Aviva has the experience – your business can benefit

  • We know insurance and we know business. We've supported people and their businesses through life's challenges for more than 320 years.
  • Aviva’s Public Liability Insurance covers hundreds of different types of trades and businesses.
  • Our UK-based underwriting experts can support your business's Public Liability needs.


Aviva has financial muscle – your business can trust us

  • Aviva's Public Liability Insurance is provided by a leading savings, retirement and insurance business serving 19.2 million customers in the UK, Ireland and Canada.
  • In 2023, we paid our customers £25.6 billion in claims and benefits.
  • Our total group assets under management are £376 billion.

View our full 2023 financial year report here

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What is Public Liability Insurance?

Accidents can happen unexpectedly, and sometimes the people involved get hurt. Public Liability Insurance helps protect your business against personal injury or property damage claims from clients, visitors and members of public. It doesn't cover your employees, just other people your business comes into contact with.

So, if someone makes a claim against your business, our cover could pay the costs you are held responsible or liable for, such as legal fees and expenses, as well as any compensation payouts. This means you can focus on running your business while we deal with the claim and paperwork.

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