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You only need to apply for an Aviva account number once, but you can use that number to set up more than one company pension as it applies to you and not your clients’ schemes.

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company registration number (CRN) is a unique number issued by Companies House to limited companies and limited liability partnerships. It consists of eight numbers or two letters followed by six numbers. You should be able to find it on any communications you've had from Companies House, and it will also be on your Certificate of Incorporation.

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Had an application to represent a life insurance company refused, agency cancelled, or had any other application refused by this or any other insurance company? (optional)
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I am authorised to apply on behalf of the above legal entity

I hereby apply for a Non Regulated Firm Business account with the companies comprising Aviva Group

I have seen the Aviva Life Terms of business (PDF 0.2MB) for Non Regulated Firms and confirm that I agree to be bound by these terms

I certify that the information contained in this application is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, true and complete

I will advise Aviva Life of any material change in the information provided

I authorise Aviva Life to take up any such references and make such enquiries, including personal vetting searches, as may be necessary to consider this application

I agree that the information may be held on a computer system and that information about the account may be shared with third parties

I confirm that it is my/our legal advisers’ responsibility to explain to me in detail the rights and obligations arising under Aviva Life’s Terms of Business made pursuant to this application

I acknowledge that all business with be transacted under the terms of Aviva Life’s Terms of Business for Non Regulated Firms in force from time to time


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Do you have an Aviva account number?

If you are an authorised financial adviser registered with Aviva, you are likely to already have an Aviva account number. Your Aviva account number is also referred to as your agency code.

If you or your firm have already set up a workplace pension scheme with Aviva, you will have an Aviva account.

If you’re not sure if you have an account, or you’ve forgotten the number, we can find your details for you – just give us a call.

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