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Auto enrolment costs

Wondering what you’ll have to pay when you’re up and running with auto enrolment? We’re here to guide you through the costs.

Costs you’ll need to consider

As with most things, when it comes to a workplace pension scheme it pays to shop around for the best deal. But don’t just think about the cost of auto enrolment – think about long-term value too.

Pension provider

The costs and ongoing charges that go with setting up and running a workplace pension vary depending on the pension provider you choose. They offer different levels of service and support, which will most likely be reflected in the amount you pay to set up and run your workplace pension.

When looking at these charges, you might want to consider how much time you’ll be able to spend on your auto enrolment duties, and whether you could reduce this time by choosing a comprehensive package with another provider.

Payroll provider

If you’re a new employer, your auto enrolment duties and PAYE duties will start at the same time. So it might make sense to choose the same payroll solution for both. When it comes to auto enrolment duties, the software might assess your workers and calculate contributions for you. The more the software does, the higher the charge is likely to be – this also applies if you decide to use a payroll bureau.

When your duties start, you’ll also need to make sure you inform your employees at the right time. This is a crucial step in managing your workplace pension. Just so you know, there might be a charge if you need to upgrade your software to allow for this.

Financial advice

An independent financial adviser could offer their support and expertise about auto enrolment. The cost of the advice you receive will vary depending on the level of support you require.

If you don’t already have a financial adviser, you can find one through Unbiased.


Part of making sure your workplace pension is compliant involves sending a range of regulatory communications to your employees.

Some pension providers will offer software that can issue these communications for you. Check if your provider does, and if not then consider the time and money that would go into producing auto enrolment communications yourself.

Late setting up your scheme

Being late in making all the arrangements to meet your auto-enrolment duties can increase the overall cost of meeting your duties, as you might have to pay more to set up the various services (including the pension scheme, but also e.g. the software needed to help you meet your duties), as well as any penalties or fines the Pensions Regulator may impose.  For more information about the cost of missing your duties stat date, visit our fines and penalties page.

Pension contributions

As an employer, you’ll have to pay pension contributions, and your employees will have to make contributions to their own workplace pensions too. By law, the contributions that you make as an employer must meet the minimum contribution levels set for auto enrolment. Find out more about pension contributions.

How much does the Aviva workplace pension cost?

We charge an on-going fee each month to run your workplace pension scheme. The cost of this is generally £30-£50 per month, but it may be more depending on the size of your scheme - you’ll need to submit a quote in order to see how much this fee will be.

This charge is referred to as an employer pension charge. In return for this fee, we provide a software and support package that’ll help you with the administration involved in running your workplace pension.

We don’t charge any set-up fees.

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Auto enrolment doesn’t have to be challenging. We’ve got all the information you need to get up and running with your workplace pension scheme.


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