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Electric car insurance

Charge up your cover for electric and hybrid cars

With our standard car insurance, enjoy the same cover features for your electric and hybrid vehicle

  • Cover for your vehicle and charging cables, including theft, damage, or loss
  • Protection if you damage someone else's vehicle or property in an accident
  • Our car insurance is rated 5 stars by Defaqto
Aviva car insurance has been awarded an overall rating of 4.5/ 5 from (1636 reviews)
Aviva Car Insurance has been awarded an overall rating of 4.5/ 5from (1636 reviews) customer reviews

Covering your insurance needs for electric cars

Plug into top-rated cover with our car insurance for your electric and hybrid vehicles. And we’ll be by your side for every mile you take.

You don’t need specialist insurance. Our standard car insurance will cover your electric vehicle and give the type of specific protection you need –  we cover accessories such as charging cables, in your vehicle or while in use, as well as wall box chargers installed in your garage.

  • Relief when you run out of charge

    If your electric vehicle runs out of charge, an RAC mechanic will come out and either charge your battery to get you to a working charging point, or transport you, your vehicle and up to seven passengers to a working charging point or your home. Whichever’s closer Footnote [1]   

  • Protection from accidental damage

    We’ll be there for you if your car’s lost or damaged, including if it’s damaged by electrical surge while charging

  • Your electric vehicle accessories are covered too

    We cover accessories such as charging cables (in your vehicle and while in use), as well as wallbox chargers installed in your garage

If you have two or more cars registered to your address, the savings on your insurance with us could stack up with our Multi Car cover. We’ll chip 10% off the cost of cover for each extra vehicle you add to your policy. Discount doesn’t apply to optional extras.

If you’re looking for cover for your electric bicycle or scooter, our partner Cycleplan offers bicycle insurance.

If your electric charge wallbox is connected to the side of your house, you can get cover to protect it with Aviva Home insurance.

What does our car insurance cover?

If your car or journey hits unexpected bumps or scrapes, car insurance helps to make sure that your bank balance ends up with less dents. If you make a claim you’ll have to pay a fee known as an excess, but car insurance can often make the cost of fixing these issues a lot cheaper. Here’s what each level of our insurance will cover you for.

If it sometimes feels like we’re speaking a different language, you can find explanations for the important terms and words in our car insurance glossary.

For full details of what’s covered and what’s not by our motor vehicle insurance, read our Motor Insurance Policy Booklet (PDF 498 KB).

Comprehensive Car Third Party Fire and Theft
Loss or damage
Money towards a new car if someone steals yours, or we'll arrange and pay for repairs if they're needed after an accident


Fire and Theft only

Out of charge recovery
If your electric vehicle runs out of charge, an RAC mechanic will come out and either charge your battery to get you to a working charging point, or transport you, your vehicle and up to seven passengers to a working charging point or your home. Whichever is closerFootnote [1]
What you owe others
If you injure someone, damage their vehicle or damage their property in an accident, we’ll pay to put it right
Uninsured driver cover
If your vehicle is involved in an accident caused by an uninsured motorist, we'll refund any excess you've paid.  You'll need to provide us with details of the other vehicle and driver
Vehicle recovery
If your vehicle's in no shape to drive after an accident or fire, we'll deliver it to one of our approved garages.  We'll take you and your passengers home, get you where you're going or pay up to £500 towards the cost of an overnight stay or public transport.  Geographical restrictions apply
Included Fire and Theft only
Driving other cars
Cover for driving someone else's car if you're 25 or over at the start of the policy, you're the vehicle policyholder and the vehicle's owner has given you the green light.  It covers any third party costs, but not repairs to the vehicle
Motor injury protection
Cover for you, your partner or named drivers in case of serious injury or death from a road accident
Included Not included
Individual no claim discount
Build up a discount for each vehicle you insure on your policy when you steer clear of claims
Included Included

Charge up your insurance with optional add-ons

Sprinkle your cover with the extras you want, and we’ll show you the total price for them when you go through your quote. You’ll have the chance to decide if you want to keep them or not before you go ahead and pay for your cover.

  • Protect your no-claims discount
    Make sure one claim doesn’t wipe away years of a hard-earned discount.
  • Motor legal services
    This gives a legal helping hand and costs of up to £100,000 to recover compensation after a car accident, when you did nothing wrong. It covers you, your named drivers and any passengers. You’ll only get this support if it’s likely you’ll win your claim against the person responsible. It also provides up to £10,000 for lawyers' costs to defend you against prosecution for a motoring offence.
  • Courtesy car
    We’ll keep you on the road with a courtesy car if yours is damaged, written off or stolen. You can only pair this with our comprehensive insurance.
  • Extra motor injury protection
    Raise the level of your cover in case you, your partner or any named drivers suffer a serious injury or death from an accident in the insured car. You’ll need to have comprehensive cover to add this.
  • UK breakdown cover
    Never stand stranded at the roadside if your car gives up on you. Decide between different layers of cover, either hand-in-hand with your car insurance, or just on their own. We’ll either repair your car on the spot, or make sure you, your passengers and your car get where you need to go. You can also get breakdown cover by itself if you have a car insurance policy with someone else.

    We don’t offer breakdown cover if you live in Northern Ireland. Explore breakdown cover (PDF 223 KB)
  • European use
    Pack up your cover and zip it into your case on a trip across to the continent. You can also add European breakdown cover (so you’re never trying to negotiate a roadside pick-up in another language). You can only use these to upgrade a comprehensive insurance policy. Explore motoring in Europe (PDF 339 KB)

How much does car insurance cost?

There’s no fixed price for car insurance. Your quote will take into account a number of factors. Things like the cost of your car, repair expenses, battery replacement, safety features, driving habits, and location all affect how much you pay.

Want to learn more about how we price our car insurance?

Learn more about car insurance prices "Learn more about car insurance prices"

Should I buy an electric or hybrid car?

Choosing a new car can be tricky, especially when you’re faced with lots of options. If you’re unable to decide between an electric or hybrid car, there are a few important things to think about. 

Why choose us?

Our cover has been given a 5 Star Rating by Defaqto. Their experts lift up the bonnet of our policies, and sift through every nut, bolt and washer – it’s not based on opinions or hearsay.

  • It takes a name you can trust
    Over 1 million people agree, and protect their vehicle with us Footnote [2]
  • You can count on us
    We have been insuring cars for over 100 years
  • We’ll get you back on the road
    In 2023 we repaired over 53,000 vehicles
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