Cycling and Bicycle Insurance

Get in gear with a 30% discount 2

Specialist bicycle insurance with Cycleplan

We’ve partnered with Cycleplan to bring you a 30% discount Footnote [1] off their bike insurance for all your bicycles and accessories, both at home and while out and about.

Cycleplan also offers cyclists' liability cover, which gives you protection if you accidentally injure someone or damage property while cycling.

And even if you’ve got more than one bicycle, they can all come along for the ride thanks to Cycleplan’s multi-bike cover.

Theft and Accidental Damage

Up to £30,000 cover for theft, loss and damage, both accidental and malicious, of your bicycle

Cyclists' liability for accidents

Up to £5m cover if you accidentally injure someone or damage property while cycling

New for old replacement

If your bicycle is stolen and it was bought new and is less than three years old, we’ll replace it with a brand new one

Your cover options

Cycleplan offers two main cover options. You can pick one or both.

Up to £30,000 bike cover for Theft, Loss and Accidental Damage

Cover if your bicycle is stolen, accidentally damaged or vandalised. This includes new for old replacement. If your bike is stolen and you bought it new less than three years ago, Cycleplan will replace it with a brand new one.

Up to £5m cyclists' liability cover

Covers the costs of any claims made against you if you’re liable for accidentally injuring someone or damaging property while cycling.

What does Cycleplan's Cycling and Bicycle Insurance cover?

What's covered

Whatever type of cycling you love or bicycle you have, you can tailor Cycleplan's flexible cover to suit your needs. And if you’ve got more than one bicycle, no matter what type, you can cover them all under one, single multi-bike policy.

Cycleplan covers both pedal and electric bikes, including:

  • Road
  • Mountain
  • BMX
  • Commuter
  • Folding
  • Hybrid
  • Electric
  • Electric scooters

What's not covered

Unfortunately, Cycleplan can’t cover everything. Make sure you’re comfortable with what’s not covered, including:

  • Theft where you’ve not secured your bicycle as per the minimum security requirements
  • Any claim where you can’t provide evidence of ownership for your bike and/or accessories
  • Using the bicycle for business reasons, like working as a courier or carrying paying passengers (this doesn’t apply to commuting to or from work)
  • Competitive use (unless you've chosen the Competitive Use optional add-on)
  • Using your bike outside of the UK (unless you've chosen the European or Worldwide optional add-on)

See the policy wording for a full list of what’s not covered.

Optional add-ons

Once you’ve selected one or both of the main cover options, you can choose from the following optional extras to create cover tailored to your needs.

  • Theft, Loss and Accidental Damage to accessories up to £1,000 – For any temporary or fitted accessories, such as helmets, locks or lights, that are stolen, accidentally damaged or vandalised. Only available with main bicycle insurance
  • Personal Accident up to £50,000 – For death or permanent disability, if you have an accident or fall off and seriously injure yourself. It also provides financial compensation if you break certain bones or need emergency dental work, hospitalisation or physio
  • Loss of Earnings up to £750 – Financial help if you’re hurt while cycling and unable to work. Only available with Personal Accident cover Footnote [2]
  • Legal Expenses up to £50,000 – Cover the legal costs of pursuing a civil claim if you’re injured in a road accident involving the insured bicycle or need to recover uninsured losses. Also covers professional fees for pursuing a local authority for damage to your bike caused by a pothole on a public highway
  • Replacement Cycle Hire up to £1,000 – Hire a replacement bicycle after making a claim on your insured bike while waiting for it to be repaired or replaced
  • Europe or Worldwide – Take your bike, and your cover, abroad
  • Competitive Use – Extend your normal cover when taking part in a competition

Check your existing cover

Your bike may already be covered, or partially covered, by another insurance policy, like your home insurance.

Check the details of any existing policies to see how your bicycle is or isn’t covered. For example, your existing policy may cover your bike while it’s in your garage, but not when it’s away from your home.

By knowing what cover your bicycle already has, you can avoid doubling up. You can also see where there might be gaps, things that aren’t covered, but you want them to be. Make sure your bike cover does everything you need it to.

How to get a quote

It’s quick and easy to get a quote from Cycleplan. Simply start by selecting the number of bikes you want to cover.

How to claim

If you need to make a claim, please get in touch with Cycleplan's trusted claims handlers Davies Group on 0333 400 7387^.

Or email

For theft or malicious damage claims, tell the police as soon as possible about the loss or damage and ask for a crime reference number.

So that your claim can be processed quickly, you’ll need:

  • Your policy number
  • The date the incident took place
  • Evidence of ownership
  • Photographs of the bike
  • Crime reference number (if applicable)
  • Any damaged items or locks

Still got questions?

Contact Cycleplan

0800 092 9268

Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 5:30pm

^For our joint protection, telephone calls may be recorded and/or monitored. Calls to 0800 numbers from UK landlines and mobiles are free. The cost of calls to 03 prefixed numbers are charged at national call rates (charges may vary dependent on your network provider) and are usually included in inclusive minute plans from landlines and mobiles.