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Aviva Car Insurance has been awarded an overall rating of 4.5/ 5 from (1636 reviews)
Aviva Car Insurance has been awarded an overall rating of 4.5/ 5from (1636 reviews) customer reviews

The benefits of our car insurance

  • Extra protection against uninsured drivers

    If your vehicle is involved in an accident caused by an uninsured motorist, we'll refund any excess you've paid. You’ll need to provide us with details of the other vehicle and driver Footnote [1]   

  • We’ll drop you home after an accident

    When your car's not safe to drive, we'll deliver you to your front door (or wherever you're heading) and whisk your car off to get fixed with one of our approved repairers Footnote [2]

  • Our promise for any repairs we make

    Following a claim we guarantee the quality of repairs made by our approved repairers for as long as you own the car, even if you change insurers. Footnote [3]

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What does our car insurance cover?

In short, it covers you against the cost of accidents, damage and theft. Exactly what we cover and how much for is down to the level of insurance you choose.

Car insurance for electric and hybrid vehicles

Car insurance for your electric and hybrid vehicles. We’ll be by your side for every mile you take.

Which level of car insurance cover is right?

You can sniff out cover in many shapes and sizes. We’ve kept it simple. You can choose between comprehensive insurance and third party, fire and theft insurance.

Comprehensive car insurance

This is our insurance with the biggest biceps. It’s like an extra shield against the costs of damage to your own car, for example, if you crunch into a pothole.

Third party, fire and theft insurance

While this is our lower level of cover, it gives you more protection than the basic ‘third party’ cover that everyone needs on the road in the UK.

Before we insure your car

See if you’re taxed with our car tax checker.

Make sure your MOT is up to date.

Compare the levels of Aviva Car Insurance cover

None of us would choose to pay for car insurance. But it’s there so that bumps, scrapes or crunches to your car keep any dents in your routine or bank balance to a minimum. Here’s what each level of our insurance will protect against.

If it sometimes feels like we’re speaking a different language, you can find explanations for the important terms and words in our car insurance glossary.

Unfortunately, we can't cover everything - make sure you're happy with what's not covered by checking our motor insurance policy wording.

Comprehensive Car Third Party Fire and Theft
Loss or damage
Money towards a new car if someone steals yours, or we'll arrange and pay for repairs if they're needed after an accident or fire


Fire and Theft only

What you owe others
If you injure someone, damage their vehicle or wreck their property in an accident, we’ll pay to put it right
Included Included

Uninsured driver cover
If your vehicle is involved in an accident caused by an uninsured motorist, we'll refund any excess you've paid. You’ll need to provide us with details of the other vehicle and driver


Included Not included
Vehicle recovery

If your vehicle's in no shape to drive after an accident or fire, we'll deliver it to one of our approved garages.  We'll take you and your passengers home, get you where you're going or pay up to £500 towards the cost of an overnight stay or public transport.  Geographical restrictions apply


Fire and Theft only

Driving other cars

Cover for driving someone else's car if you're 25 or over at the start of the policy, you're the vehicle policyholder and the vehicle's owner has given you the green light.  It covers any third party costs, but not repairs to the vehicleFootnote [4]
Included Not included
Legal costs
We’ll put an amount towards any legal fees that might come about if you’re in an accident that you're legally liable for
Included Included
Motor injury protection
Cover for you, your partner or named drivers in case of serious injury or death from a road accident


Up to £5,000 per person, per policy year

Not included
Individual no claim discount

Hang on to your no claim discount if you claim for loss or damage through no fault of your own - such as in chance meetings with potholes, storms, flooding or animals - you'll not wave goodbye to your no claim discount
Included Included
Electrical breakdown
Should you have glitches with your on-board computers, and any other electrical parts
Not included Not included
Any punctures, cuts or bursts – even if they’re caused by braking
Not included Not included

Boost your insurance with our optional add-ons

Fine tune your cover so that it fits like a tailored jacket. Stitch in these extras as you go through your quote, which will show your price for any you choose. You’ll have the chance to decide if you want to keep them or not before you go ahead and pay for your cover.

Protect your no claim discount

Motor legal services

Courtesy car

Extra motor injury protection

UK breakdown cover

European use

Our other types of motor insurance

Regular cars aren’t the only way you might be zipping around. Plug in to an electric car policy. Keep a van on the move. Or just cover yourself for a weekend away.

Save with our multi car cover

If you have two or more cars at your house, the savings on your insurance with us can stack up. You get 10% off when you add additional cars or vans to your policy. Discount doesn't apply to optional extras. Footnote [6]

Get a quote

Get a quote in less time than it takes to finish your cup of tea – and you’ll be a moment or two quicker if you have your vehicle registration handy.

TrustScore 4.5 / 5 from 1636 customer reviews Read all 1,636 reviews for Aviva Car Insurance

What you need to get a car insurance quote

So that we can give you an accurate price, we'll ask for a few snippets of information, this includes:

  1. A little bit about you – just the usual, like your name, your date of birth and your address
  2. When you want your cover to start – anywhere from right now to within 60 days
  3. Who else will be driving – we’ll need details of any other drivers too
  4. How much cover you’ll need – which type of insurance and any add-ons

Why choose us for car insurance?

Our cover has been given a 5 Star Rating by Defaqto. Their experts lift up the bonnet of our policies, and sift through every nut, bolt and washer – it’s not based on opinions or hearsay.

  • It takes a name you can trust
    Over 1 million people agree, and protect their vehicle with us Footnote [7]
  • You can count on us
    We have been insuring cars for over 100 years
  • We’ll get you back on the road
    In 2023 we repaired over 31,000 vehicles
Defaqto 5 Star rated car insurance logo

Car insurance FAQs

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Do I have to use an approved repairer or specialist?

Am I covered to drive other vehicles?

Will my car insurance allow me to drive abroad?

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Car insurance articles and guides

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