Share dealing

A simple way to invest directly in the stock market

What is share dealing?

Share dealing is a way of buying or selling stocks and shares, also known as equities, in public listed companies and other exchange traded investments (ETIs), all with the aim of growing your money over the long term.

If you want to invest this way, we serve up three different ways to do it — with the Aviva Stocks & Shares ISA, our Investment Account, or a self-invested Aviva Pension.

A choice of investments

  • UK listed shares
  • Exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • Investment trusts

Award winning platform

Our costs and charges

  • Flat fee of £7.50 for buying and selling shares and other exchange traded investments
  • Pay no more than £120 a year for holding shares in your pension
  • Just £45 a year maximum to hold shares in your Aviva Stocks & Shares ISA or Investment Account
  • See details of charges below

If share dealing doesn't sound like it’s for you, or you'd like to choose more than one way to invest, you could consider putting your money into investment funds.

Making your own investment decisions

Whether you're new to share dealing or already a pro, our online investment platform is on hand to deliver as much or as little support as you need with your investment decisions.

With everything in one place, you can also keep a firm eye on how everything is performing.

Remember, investments fall and rise in value and you could get back less than what has been put in.

Find out more about the main risks of investing in shares and other exchange traded investments by reading our important information for investors (PDF 56KB).

How does share dealing work with us?

Following these three steps is all it takes to kick start your share dealing journey with us.

1. Pick an investment account that suits you

We have three different ways to invest, depending on your circumstances, tax position and what your financial goals are.

2. Find the investments you want

There are several ways to invest in the stock market. You can invest directly in the shares of a publicly listed company. Or you can invest in a collection of investments managed by a professional fund manager - these are known as exchange traded investments (ETIs) and are traded through the stock exchange just like shares are.

3. Buy and sell

Once you're sure it's the right decision for you, it only takes a few clicks or taps to buy shares and other investments online. When you've found an investment you’re interested in, simply choose the value or amount you want to buy. You’ll get a quote, which will be the best price you can get at that moment.

Then just confirm if you're happy to buy. After the trade is complete, the details of your new investments will show in your chosen investment account. It works in a similar way when you want to sell.

You can buy and sell UK shares and other exchange traded investments online when the market is open, which is between 8am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

Our charges

With us, you can be confident there are no hidden charges for investing in shares and other exchange traded investments.

  • For shares and other exchange traded investments, our Aviva Share Charge is 0.40% of the value of these investments. This is calculated daily and taken monthly – up to a maximum of £45 a year for your Stocks and Shares ISA or Investment Account and a maximum of £120 for your Pension.
  • There’s a charge of £7.50 each time you buy or sell shares or other exchange traded investments. We include this charge in the amount you tell us you want to trade.
  • You’ll also have to pay stamp duty reserve tax of 0.5% on any share purchases plus a £1 charge made by the Panel on Takeovers and Mergers if the trade is over £10,000.

Fund Manager Charge

For exchange traded funds (ETFs) and investment trusts there’s also a Fund Manager Charge.

The fund management or investment company will charge you to cover the costs and expenses of running the fund or investment.

You’ll find information about the charge in the Key Investor Information Document, often shown as the ongoing charges figure.

The amount of the charge depends on the investment you choose.

Performance Charge

Some, but not all, investments also charge a performance fee. These can vary depending on how well a fund performs and can also be found in the Key Investor Information Document. These are more common with investment trusts.

Why choose us?

We're working hard to have the best platform in the business. But there's no need to take our word for it. Our platform won the Your Money best investment platform for beginners 2022 and 2023.

Awards your money investment awards winner best investment isa for large portfolio 2023 and best investment isa for large portfolio 2022

Need to speak to a financial adviser?

If you need help with your investments, you might want to speak to an independent financial adviser. Remember, you may be charged for this financial advice. Find your local adviser at

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Other ways to invest

Looking for a different way to invest your money? Choosing from a range of investment funds may suit you. Whether you want a simple range of funds, an experts' shortlist or are confident enough to pick your own, we've got what you're looking for.

Pick your investment funds

Invest online with funds ranging from UK to international assets.

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Alternatively, you can email us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

We will always adhere to our 'best execution practices' as set out in our latest order execution policy (PDF 149 KB). What's more we also have a policy to prevent conflicts of interest (PDF 103 KB) that might affect your investment. And if there's ever one we can't prevent we promise to let you know.

This is not a personal recommendation. If you need a personalised recommendation based on your personal circumstances, you should seek financial advice.

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