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Whether you want a simple range of funds, an experts' shortlist or are confident enough to pick your own, we've got what you're looking for. You can invest via our Aviva Stocks & Shares ISA, Investment Account or self-invested personal pension from £25 a month. 

If you have an Aviva workplace pension or an older investment product, explore your investment options here instead.

You'll want to invest your money in a way that supports your own needs and goals. Regularly review your fund performance to help ensure your needs are being met.

Remember, investments fall as well as rise in value and you could get back less than what has been put in. 

Universal Retirement Fund

Available with an Aviva Pension, this is a single fund that manages pension investments for you, and switches to typically less risky investments closer to your retirement date. 


Explore our Universal Retirement Fund "Explore our Universal Retirement Fund"

Ready-made funds

Choose from a range of funds fully managed by Aviva Investors – including growth funds run with varying risk levels.

Explore ready-made funds "Explore ready-made funds"

Experts' shortlist

Take more control by choosing your own funds from a shortlist put together by our investment experts.

Explore Experts' shortlist "Explore Experts' shortlist"

Self-select funds

Select funds from our full range to create your investment portfolio, designed for more confident investors.

Explore Self-select funds "Explore Self-select funds"

Looking for a different way to invest?

Invest directly in the stock market with share dealing by buying equities, which are stocks and shares in public listed companies. Discover our wide range of UK shares, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and investment trusts.

Find out more about the main risks of investing in shares and other exchange traded investments by reading our important information for investors (PDF 56KB).

Investing responsibly with us

Use our investment preference tool to find funds that match your values across environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Capital at risk.

Your account options

You can invest with the following products. Follow the links below to the learn more about the features, tax treatment and more so you open the accounts best suited to your needs.

For instance, if you're investing for your retirement, consider our Aviva Pension. Got a financial goal in mind that's at least five years away? Explore our tax-efficient Stocks & Shares ISA. And if you've used up your annual ISA allowance but would like to invest more money, check out our Investment Account. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may change in the future.

What are our charges?

Our charge is made up of the following costs.

Aviva Charge

For funds, excluding shares and other exchange traded investments, there's our Aviva Charge, which is up to 0.40% of the value of your investments calculated daily and taken monthly.

Aviva Share Charge

For shares and other exchange traded investments, there’s our Aviva Share Charge, which is 0.40% of the value of these investments calculated daily and taken monthly up to a maximum of £120 per year for your Pension and a maximum of £45 per year for the Aviva Stocks and Shares ISA and the Investment Account.

Fund Manager charge

The fund or funds you choose, including exchange traded funds and investment trusts, may incur an extra charge to cover the costs and expenses of managing the investments. Each fund has an individual charge which can be found in the Key Investor Information Document. This also appears as an ongoing charge figure (OCF) on your statement.

Trading Charge

We'll charge a fee of £7.50 for each trade in shares and other exchange traded investments. Full details are in the Key Features document. There's no Trading Charge for buying or selling investment funds.

Other charges to be aware of

Some, but not all, investments also charge a performance fee. These can vary depending on how well a fund performs and can also be found in the Key Investor Information Document. These are more common with investment trusts.

UK Stamp Duty reserve tax (0.5%) Paid on purchase of most UK shares online – it is automatically deducted and paid to HMRC.

The Panel on Takeovers and Mergers Levy  is £1 on trades over £10,000.

Aviva Charge

Our Aviva Charge is up to 0.40% of the value of your investments, excluding shares and other exchange traded investments, and is calculated daily and taken monthly. The more you invest, the lower the percentage you'll pay, as shown in the table below.

Invested value Annual Aviva Charge
First £50,000 0.40%
Next £200,000 0.35%
Next £250,000 0.25%
Amount above £500,000 0%

You can log into your account at any time to check your exact Aviva Charge. This kind of charge is sometimes called a platform charge. Investment platforms can have different types of charges and use different terms to describe them.

Find out more about platform charges in this factsheet (PDF 82KB)

Combined charges for investments excluding shares and other exchange traded investments

If you've more than one type of product with our online investment service – including an Aviva Stocks & Shares ISA, an Aviva Investment Account or an Aviva Pension – the total Aviva Charge for investments excluding shares and other exchange traded investments is calculated together so you can take advantage of the lower percentage charges on higher investment amounts overall. This could help you hold on to more of your hard-earned money over the longer term. See T&Cs for details

Paying your charge

Your Aviva Charge and Aviva Share Charge come out of the cash in your account. Interest in your account is at our variable rate and may be positive, zero or negative. 

Current details can be seen here (PDF 60 KB)

Please note, if the interest added is less than the charges taken out, the amount in your cash account will go down.

Alternatively, this charge will come out of your investments if you don’t have enough in your cash account. See our terms and conditions for full details.

Need to speak to a financial adviser?

If you're not sure which fund or products to choose, then you should speak to an independent financial adviser for help. You may be charged for financial advice. Find your local adviser at

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