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Get the benefit of Aviva Investors. Our experienced analysts can help you make confident investment decisions by providing a list of their recommended funds.

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Finding the right investment fund can be like solving a maze with a countless number of paths. 

That's why we created our experts' shortlist. Our team of investors sift through the charts and prices to select funds that could be right for you. 

Remember, the value of your investments can go down as well as up, and you may get back less than you've put in.

  • Tap into professional knowledge

    Our investment experts have years of experience. They handpick the funds on our shortlist using a list of carefully chosen criteria.

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    Access a wide range of investment choices from different industries and markets.

  • Skip the heavy lifting

    Our experts do the research, so you're able to save time choosing a fund that meets your needs. They also review funds regularly to make sure they reach our high standards and continue to meet their objectives.

Say hello to Aviva Investors

The research team behind the shortlist is made up of seasoned investment analysts. Think of them as financial market detectives, uncovering hidden gems for you to explore.

Luca Dal Mas, CFA, CFTE

Multimanager Team Lead
CFA and CFTe Charterholder

Amrish Patel, CFA

Senior Manager Research Analyst
CFA Charterholder

Cameron Falconer, CFA, CAIA

Head of Investment Oversight & Manager Research
CFA and CAIA Charteholder

Marco Concina

Manager Research Analyst

Explore your investment paths

There are four types of funds available on our shortlist:

  1. Sustainable investment funds:  For investors seeking to make a positive impact on the world when investing. Sustainable investment funds are mostly actively managed funds.
  2. Passive funds: The simplest way to invest, could be suitable for those who want a hands-off approach and in a cost effective way while still enjoying potential gains.
  3. Active funds: Embrace a touch more risk and let our experts actively manage your chosen funds to grab potential opportunities.

Sustainable Investment funds

There are several ways to invest responsibly. We explain these below: 

  • ESG
    Fund managers consider all three factors environmental, social and governance  in their investment process. For the environment, fund managers look at things like a firm's energy usage, it's climate change policies, and waste production. In terms of governance, fund managers will examine how businesses are run. This includes management quality, board diversity, and conflicts of interest.
  • Ethical
    Ethical investing is aligned with people's morals. An ethical fund will not invest in harmful industries, such as tobacco. Please note that fund performance is not the priority in ethical investing.
  • Impact
    Impact funds are designed to provide positive social and/or environmental benefits.
  • Stewardship
    Managers use their voice as a shareholder to encourage companies to behave better and make positive changes.

Passive funds – a fuss-free approach

The goal of passive funds is to deliver returns that closely match the overall market.

Passive funds are known for being cost-effective. 

ESG funds on the shortlist

When you look at the shortlist you can also choose dedicated environmental, social and governance (ESG) funds. These funds are rated on issues like green measures and their approach to social issues. They can be a good choice if you would like the funds you invest in to take environmental, social and governance concerns into account as part of the overall investment process.

They also meet the following criteria:

  1. Commitment: The parent company responsible for the fund signs up to the UN's Principles for Responsible Investment to show its commitment to being a responsible investor.
  2. Sustainability: The fund is designed to care about the environment and things that help to benefit society right from the start.
  3. Expert managers: The fund is managed by a team with the right background and knowledge to focus on ESG.
  4. Making a difference: The fund can demonstrate what its sustainable goals are and how it's achieving them.
  5. Being open: You can see how the fund manager votes at company meetings and how they engage with businesses on matters such as executive pay and diversity.

Active funds – go beyond average

Active funds are managed by fund mangers who aim to do better than the standard performance for a specific sector or a regional market, such as the US. They carefully select investments they believe have the potential to perform even better than well-known indices, such as the FTSE® 100 index.

Shortlist updates

This is where we keep the latest news on the funds we've added and removed. When two funds are similar, we give a thumbs up to the one that cares more about the environment, people, and doing the right thing.

Funds added

  • December 2022
    BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Global Balanced W Acc
    BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Global Balanced W Inc

Funds removed

  • June 2023
    SPARX Japan Sustainable Equity GBP Institutional E
  • December 2022
    Jupiter UK Mid Cap

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