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How do you find an investment fund you can be confident in, when there’s so many to choose from? Start with our Experts’ shortlist, and choose the right fund for you.


Funds chosen by experienced investment analysts at Aviva Investors


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Regular reviews ensure the shortlist only offers funds worth your attention

Rigorously selected

You’ll only be shown funds that have passed specific checks and tests. All funds are reviewed regularly, to ensure they meet the high standards of the shortlist.  

For example, a fund must give our experts reason to believe it has the potential to deliver consistent performance in the future. Keep in mind, investments fall and rise in value, and you could get back less than has been paid in.

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Say hello to Aviva Investors

Everyone in the manager research team who helped put the shortlist together is an experienced investment analyst. They search for active funds they believe stand out from the crowd, and are worth your attention.

luca dal mas

Luca Dal Mas, CFA, CFTE

Multimanager Team Lead
CFA and CFTe Charterholder

isabel emo capodilista

Isabel Emo Capodilista, CAIA

Head of Multi Manager Research
CAIA Charterholder

amrish patel

Amrish Patel, CFA

Senior Manager Research Analyst
CFA Charterholder

cameron falconer

Cameron Falconer, CFA, CAIA

Senior Manager Research Analyst
CFA and CAIA Charteholder

Shortlist updates

Check here regularly for news on what funds we've added and removed.

Funds added

Aviva Investors have decided these funds meet the requirements of the Experts' shortlist.

There have been no new funds added in the last 3 months.

Funds removed

Aviva Investors have decided these funds no longer meet the requirements of the Experts' shortlist.

  • March 2021
    Artemis European Opportunities

Active funds on the shortlist

Run by professional fund managers, these funds try to beat the performance of a particular sector benchmark , with specially chosen investments. For instance, investing in an active UK equity fund may give you exposure to investments the fund manager believes have the ability to outperform a benchmark, like the FTSE® 100.

Robust criteria

To make it onto the shortlist, an active fund must pass Aviva Investor’s seven key criteria.

1. Who's the firm backing the fund?

They should have a reliable business model, be financially stable and have trustworthy management.

2. What's the fund's aim?

The fund should have clear goals and offer value for money.

3. Who is running the fund?

The fund manager should be experienced and trustworthy, and their wider team should be too.

4. How does the manager plan to beat the market?

They should have a clear and precise plan to navigate the ups and downs of the market.

5. How's the fund managed?

The fund should stay true to its investment framework over the long-term.

6. What investments are in the portfolio?

Actions speak louder than words — their investments need to match up with their strategy. 

7. How is the fund performing?

Examining how the fund is performing to ensure it is meeting expectations.

Want to learn more about how a fund makes it into the shortlist? Read up about Aviva Investor’s fund criteria in detail

Passive funds

Alongside the shortlist of active funds, you can consider passive funds too. These funds invest broadly across assets in a sector with the aim of delivering a return in line with the market.

These cost-efficient funds are not assessed against the same criteria as active funds. When selecting Passive Funds, we take into consideration the firm that is running the fund, the cost of the funds, the process the fund manager employs and the fund’s performance against its benchmark.

Responsibility at every step

Aviva Investors believe that environmental, social and governance factors can have a direct impact on fund performance, and your investment returns. As such, ESG factors are also considered when deciding if a fund makes it onto the shortlist.

For example, a fund might be invested in a company with environmentally friendly business activities. Learn more about ESG investing.

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