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Benefits of Aviva Health insurance

These benefits aren't part of your contract* - but we offer them anyway.

  • Get active

    Get your heart pumping with savings, discounts, and offers at over 3000 health and fitness clubs across the UK

  • Talk it through

    Stress comes for us all - if you're 16 or over and need an ear, our third party counsellors are ready to talk 24/7

  • Mental health support

    Mental health problems can make you feel like you’ve been derailed – we’ll give you easy access to tonnes of info, tools, and articles, to support you as you get back on track.

* These services are non-contractual benefits that Aviva can change or withdraw at any time.

Policies that go off-road

You can manage most policies in MyAviva, but for one or two you’ll need to take a different route.

Speedy diagnostics

Update your details, take a look at your policy documents, and discover how to make a claim, while booking diagnostic tests at appointment times that slot into your calendar.

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