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Making a claim

Claiming on a life insurance policy is always going to be a difficult time. We can help by making the process as simple and uncomplicated as possible. So, that’s what we’ve done - whether you’re making a new claim or checking on an existing one.

Personal details

First things first – the security and protection of your personal details is something we take extremely seriously. To discover more, explore our privacy policy.

You can usually update your personal details – your address, phone number, or email – by logging into your secure MyAviva account. 

If you can’t – maybe because you’ve got a few policies with us, or a joint policy – just reach out to us and we’ll make the changes for you.

Your payments

Change your payments

Make any changes to your payments – including making a payment you’ve missed- by getting in touch with us

Shrink your payments

If the cost-of-living crisis has hit hard then outgoings that used to be manageable can be a challenge. When making your monthly premiums is an uphill struggle, we’ll do our best to help you get those costs down. 

Most of our policies have some wiggle room, so you could lower your monthly premiums by reducing your amount of cover or bringing the end date of your policy forward. You might want to make these changes permanent, or they might be temporary tweaks to give yourself some breathing space.

You can make a permanent change to your policy with our online form

But remember, we’re here to talk you through your options so you can make the right call – take a look at our cost-of-living support scheme and get in touch for a chat.

For free and impartial support, guides, and tools, take a look through Money Helper

Take a payment holiday

Life can be full of unexpected twists and turns. If something comes up, and it also gives your income a squeeze for a short time, you might be able to take a three-month holiday from your payments.

It could be that:

  • you’re starting a new job, with a confirmed start date a month or two down the line
  • your bills have gone up for a specific time, like higher heating bills in winter
  • you’ve taken temporary short-term leave to care for someone in your family

In these kinds of cases, a three-month payment deferral could help you manage your cash flow without losing your cover. Once you’re steady on your feet again, you can make up the payments.

Cost of living support scheme

You can likely reduce your monthly payments using our cost-of-living support scheme. It cuts your outgoings by reducing your amount of cover, and it’s open to most customers who bought their policy after 14 November 2016 and whose policy number starts with BPL at the beginning.

If you took out your policy before this date, have an Over 50 Life Insurance policy, or your policy number starts with something different. We'll take a look at your options and work out how we can help you – just reach out to us for a chat.

Either way, if you’re struggling to meet your monthly payments, let our experts lend you their ears - and lend you a hand. 

Find out what your options are by using our online form. You can also call us on 0800 285 1098. For our joint protection, telephone calls may be recorded and/or monitored.

We’ll give you a quote and you can decide whether to go ahead. You might want to decide immediately or after taking further financial advice – it’s completely up to you.

If you decide to go ahead, we’ll get busy and sort out all the changes – and we’ll confirm everything with you. 

After around a year, we’ll remind you of the cover you have in place. You’ll then have the chance to buy a top-up policy to take your total cover closer to or back up to your previous level. Topping up is a simple process with just a few medical questions. If you don’t want to top up at this point, we’ll contact you a second time around two years after you first reduced your cover.

You can increase your cover at any time, or extend it beyond your original cover level, by going through our standard cover application.

It’s important to remember that the top-up policies we offer won’t be exactly the same as your original policy. They’ll be as similar as can be, based on what’s available at the time – price, eligibility, and terms and conditions might vary. 

If you find yourself in a comfortable position, you can always grow your cover up to and beyond your original level, at any time – simply apply for cover the usual way.

Change or review your cover

How often should I review my cover?

When big changes happen in life, it’s worth making sure your life insurance keeps up by still protecting you and your loved ones to the level you need. You might decide you need to adjust how much cover you have, perhaps to reflect:

  • higher or lower mortgage or rent payments
  • getting married or forming a civil partnership
  • becoming a parent or having more children
  • changes to how much you earn
  • ending a marriage, civil partnership or other long-term relationship

You can usually make changes to your policy without having to cancel and take out a new one. This includes:

  • increasing or decreasing how much you’re covered for
  • changing how long your cover lasts

Whatever your situation, we can help you explore your options - get in touch for a chat

Thinking of leaving us?

That makes us sad but we understand. But before cancelling your policy, it’s worth remembering: the number one factor that affects the price of most Life, Critical Illness, and Income Protection policies is your age when you take it out.

If you’re cancelling to save money now, you may end up having to pay more later for the same level of cover. Before making a decision, take the time to speak with a financial adviser – you can find one at unbiased.co.uk

If you do decide to leave us, get in touch or complete our online form

There’ll always be a place for you here if you change your mind. Let us know within 30 days and, as long as nothing’s happened that you’d need to claim for, we should be able to restore your cover without any extra charges.

Get in touch

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0800 285 1098

or whatever your question, query, or quandary, we’ll do our best to help

We want to give our customers the best and fairest experience that we can – if you’ve got any concerns or quibbles, you can let us know here

Health and lifestyle changes

You don’t need to let us know about health or lifestyle changes once your policy has started – even if that includes stopping or starting smoking. The main thing is to answer all the application questions with complete honesty and accuracy and let us know about any changes that happen until we confirm your cover.

If you’re worried about anything, use MyAviva to check your policy conditions.

We’ve partnered with Macmillan Cancer Support

We’re proud to be working with Macmillan Cancer Support to raise awareness of the emotional, clinical, and financial support they can give to those living with cancer. Explore how they can help you on our Macmillan Cancer Support page.

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Keep control with a Trust

Putting your life insurance policy in a Trust can give you more control over who gets the payout from your policy, and as Trustees, they won’t be subject to inheritance tax  .

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