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Everyone plans for the future – whether it’s something for the weekend, a holiday in the sun or a family Christmas. But what about beyond that? Can anyone plan 50 years ahead? Actually, we can. 

We have a range of products that could help you plan for the unexpected – giving you and your family some financial protection down the line.

Life insurance

Cover for your mortgage, children’s university fees, loss of salary and more if you pass away.

Age: 18-89 

Cover: Up to £5,000,000

Payment: If you get a terminal illness and aren’t expected to live longer than 12 months or you pass away

Critical illness cover

Our Critical Illness Plan pays out a lump sum if you or your child are diagnosed with or have surgery for 1 of the 53 critical illnesses covered by our plan.

Age: 18-64

Cover: Up to £1,000,000

Payment: If you become critically ill and live for 10 days after diagnosis

Over 50s life insurance

Affordable over 50s cover that lasts a lifetime.

Age: 50-80 

Cover: £257 to £32,054 (subject to age and premium)

Payment: When you pass away

Free Parent Life Cover

A year’s worth of life cover for parents of children under 4. Absolutely free.

Age: 18-66 with a child under 4 

Cover: £15,000

Payment: If you pass away

No cash-in value at any time. Full cover is only paid out once. Critical illness cover doesn't pay out if you die.

Additional control with Aviva Trusts

Place your life insurance policy in an Aviva Trust to specify who benefits from any payout after you've gone.