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  • Over 720,000 people protect their home with AvivaFootnote 1
  • Defaqto 5 Star rated
  • Make new claims online or via phone 24/7
Aviva Home Insurance has been awarded an overall rating of 4.6/ 5 from (810 reviews)
Aviva Home Insurance has been awarded an overall rating of 4.6/ 5from (810 reviews) customer reviews

Why do I need home insurance?

It’s there to protect your pocket from the cost of fixing damage or replacing things that are stolen, usually because of bad weather or break-ins. In other words, if high winds hurl tiles from your roof, you find your lounge knee-deep in water, or a burglar empties your home of jewellery and laptops.

Fingers and toes crossed, none of this ever happens. But if it does, our home cover will rebuild your walls and put money in your bank account to refill your wardrobes and get you back to everyday life.

You can also bulk up your cover using a pick and mix of extra add-ons. They can squash the worry of accidental spills and smashes, give you an expert helping hand with legal worries or protect your bike once you’ve pedalled away from your front door.

The benefits of our home insurance

  • Make new claims online or via phone 24/7

    If you need to make a claim, let us know the details online straightaway. We’ve made it quick and easy to do. Or if you need to talk to us you can call us anytime 24/7. 24/7 available for new claims only

  • We’ll pay whatever it takes to rebuild your home

    When your home’s in bad shape, we’ll pay to piece it back together again – with no limit on how much this costs Footnote [2] 

  • We’ll put another roof over your head

    If your insurance covers the damage, we’ll also cover you for alternative accommodation until your home’s fit to live in. We’ll pay up to £100,000 for buildings insurance, and up to £25,000 for contents insurance

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Who needs home insurance?

Anyone who owns their little patch of the UK should think about getting cover. Your mortgage lender (if you have one) probably demands it. Because your house or flat is likely to be the most expensive belonging you have, and by some distance. Home insurance can place a protective bubble around the value of its bricks, beams and ceilings – and all the loose bits and pieces inside ­– in case of things like fire, theft, and flooding.

Our insurance is cut to fit anyone who lives in the home they own. But we also have insurance that would suit you when renting out your property, or if you live under a rented roof.

If you’re a landlord

You can take out cover that focuses on getting the building itself back to its tenant-ready best, if there’s damage to fix or bits to rebuild. So you can flick the switch back to normal – for your tenants and your rent money – as soon as possible.

If you’re a tenant

Ask your landlord what home insurance they already have. If they’ve ticked off buildings insurance as part of the deal, just protect all the prized possessions that have moved in with you.

What does home insurance cover?

Our home insurance neatly stitches together two different types of cover. For the solid structure of your home, there’s our buildings insurance. For all the furniture, appliances, clothes and valuables you fill it with, there’s contents insurance.

We'll replace damaged items with new ones. Or pay for them to be restored, repaired or replaced. Damage due to wear and tear or breakdowns is not covered. Accidental damage is an optional cover.

You can take them out separately if you only need one or other. To find out more, see our summary of cover (PDF 90 KB).

What’s covered

  • Damage to your property and belongings
    Caused by events like fire, theft, subsidence and flooding – this includes damage to garages and other outbuildings, and anything inside
  • Cost of lost rent or somewhere else to stay
    Your safety comes first. So, if you have to move out for a while after a successful claim – or your tenants do and you’re not getting rent – another place to stay is on us
  • Protection against injuries or property damage
    If you employ someone in your house in a way that our policy covers (like a cleaner) and they get hurt doing their work, we’ll help pay any costs
  • Cover for matching items
    We'll cover the cost of replacing any undamaged items in a set if we're unable to provide an exact match (up to policy limits)

What’s not covered

  • Wet rot, dry rot or frost damage
  • Damage that’s happened slowly over time
  • Fences, gates or hedges damaged in a storm
  • Claims because something’s faulty or built badly to start with

If you've ever been burgled or flood damaged, you'll know how important home insurance is. We all have valuables and expensive items at home we want to protect, from gadgets and jewellery to furniture and food. 

It's important to understand what level of contents insurance is best. If you don't have enough, your policy won't pay to replace all your stuff after major flood, fire or burglary. But if you overdo it, you might overpay. Using our free home content value calculator, you can estimate the cover you're likely to need, based on what you own.

Contents insurance calculator

Boost your home cover with our optional add-ons

Make your cover as unique as your living room wallpaper. Add any of these extra twirls and flourishes that cost a bit more but can stretch your safety net even wider.

Protect your no claim discount

Legal services

Home emergency

Extra personal belongings

Accidental damage

Cycle cover

How much does home insurance cost?

Just like baking a cake, there are many ingredients to measure out, mix, fold and whisk together that decide how much you pay for cover.

Some are just about you, like where you live or how many past claims you’ve had. Others are about the world around you and what’s happening in the world of insurance – for example, if we’ve been battered by another Beast from the East, or more people are making claims across the whole country.

Looking for a different type of cover?

When our doubly protective home insurance (bolting together buildings and contents cover) is more than you need, see if these tick the boxes instead:

Why choose us for home insurance?

Our cover has been given a 5 Star Rating by Defaqto. Their experts open the front door of our policies, and delve into every last corner – it’s not based on opinions or hearsay.

  • It takes a name you can trust
    Over 720,000 people protect their home with us Footnote [1]
  • You can count on us
    We’ve been protecting customers for over 325 years
  • We’ll get your home back to normal
    There when you need us, make new claims online or over the phone 24/7
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Get a home insurance quote in minutes

Whizz through in less time than it takes to finish your cup of tea – and we’ve put together a quick checklist below, which should help make it even whizzier.

TrustScore 4.6 / 5 from 810 customer reviews Read all 810 reviews for Aviva Home Insurance

What you need to get a home insurance quote

So that we can tot up your price accurately, we’ll ask for a few snippets of information.

  1. About you – just the usual, like your name and date of birth, and if you’ve made any home insurance claims in the last five years.
  2. About your home – things like your postcode, whether you own your home, and if you live there all the time.
  3. Your belongings – pinpoint any valuables worth more than £2,000, like stamp, coin and medal collections, works of art, any gold, silver or other precious metals, or jewellery and watches.
  4. About your policy – pick how much you’d be prepared to pay towards the cost of a claim (known as an ‘excess’), and any optional add-ons you want.

We’ve taken a broom to some of the trickier questions and brushed them out of your path. To do this, we’ve followed certain hunches (known as ‘assumptions’ in the insurance world) about your home instead. For example, that you have five bedrooms or fewer, and that flood waters have never washed through your home before. You’ll need to look through these assumptions, and tell us if any aren’t true for you or your property.

Home insurance FAQs

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What is personal belongings cover?

What happens if I move house?

Are mobile phones covered by home insurance?

How do I add mobile phone protection to my existing policy?

Is my bicycle covered?

Do I need to have a smoke and heat detector installed in my property?

Home insurance

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