Free Parent Life Cover

A year’s free life insurance for parents of little ones

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What is Free Parent Life Cover?

If you have young children, chances are you've considered life insurance. So how does a whole year of free life cover sound? That’s £15,000 of life insurance for each parent of each child under four, with nothing to pay.

It's free

We won’t charge you a penny – no need to tell us your bank details, and you’ll be covered for a year

£15,000 worth of cover

We’ll pay the full amount if you pass away within the policy term, and the claim's valid

Newborn to preschool

Apply from birth or any time before their fourth birthday

It's easy – if you're eligible, just register with MyAviva and fill in the short application to kickstart your cover. 

How does free parent life cover work?

If you're a parent, you get a whole year of free life cover for each child you have under four. Then, if you pass away in that time, we pay out £15,000 to help your loved ones manage financially. 

Is this cover instead of a life insurance policy?

It’s up to you. You can take out free parent cover alongside an existing life insurance policy, to boost your overall cover amount, or take it out on its own. Some parents get a life insurance policy when the free year is over, but you don’t have to.  

Can my partner and I both take out cover?

Yes. You can both take out a separate policy for each child under four. So that’s a plan for each parent, of each child. You can’t have cover for the same child for more than a year, though. And each parent can't have more than one policy per child.

About our Free Parent Life Cover

What we’ll give you

  • £15,000 worth of cover
    And we’ll pay out this lump sum if you pass away within the year
  • Free cover for a year
    There’s nothing to buy, and we won’t ask for bank details
  • Cover for each parent of each child under four years
    Apply from birth or any time before their fourth birthday

When we can’t pay out

  • If you don’t answer all questions honestly
    So make sure you fill in the form accurately and truthfully
  • If you pass away due to alcohol or drug abuse
    Alcohol abuse and non-prescribed drug overdose aren’t covered
  • If you pass away due to suicide
    Intentional injury that’s self-inflicted isn’t covered
  • If you move out of the UK
    We can’t cover you if you move abroad

Are you eligible?

You can apply for this cover if:

  • You're aged 18-66 and a permanent UK resident
  • You have a child under four years old and are named as a parent on their birth certificate, full adoption certificate, special guardianship order, or final residence order
  • You haven’t had cancer treatment, including for leukaemia and lymphoma, in the last 12 months
  • You only take out one plan per child, per parent
  • You haven’t taken out this plan for the same child before 

Ready to get your free cover?

Register with MyAviva and apply for your year of free life insurance today.

Looking for life insurance for longer?

Thinking of something longer term, or need more cover?

You could take out a life insurance plan on top of your free parent cover, or after the year’s up.  

Looking for other cover?

Here’s how our other life cover can help protect what’s important to you. Our plans have no cash-in value at any time.

Life insurance

Cover for your mortgage, children’s university fees, loss of salary and more if you pass away.

Age: 18-77 

Cover: Up to £5,000,000

Payment: If you die, or get a terminal illness and aren’t expected to live longer than 12 months, within the policy term

Critical illness cover

Our Critical Illness Plan pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with or have surgery for one of the 53 critical illnesses covered by our plan.

Age: 18-64

Cover: Up to £1,000,000

Payment: If you become critically ill and live for 10 days after diagnosis, within the policy term

Over 50s life insurance

Affordable over 50s cover that lasts a lifetime (whole of life policy).

Age: 50-80 

Cover: £257 to £32,054 (subject to age and premium)

Payment: When you pass away

How our claims process works

If your loved ones need to make a claim, we’ll make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

Step 1

Let us know

You can make a claim in one of three ways:

Call us on 0800 015 1142 from the UK, or +44 1603 202 500 from outside of the UK 1.

Make a claim online

Write to us at Aviva, Claims Assessment Team, PO Box 520, Norwich, NR1 3WG.

Step 2

We’ll be in touch

We’ll review your claim and get in touch if we need anything, like a death certificate or medical information – and to keep you updated.

Step 3

How we pay a claim

Once we’ve approved the claim, we’ll pay the lump sum within five days.

Already with us?

Here’s where you’ll find everything you need to know about your policy, and how to go about making any changes.

It’s important to tell your family you have life insurance with us, and to share your policy number with them. This will help make things easier if they need to make a claim on your policy at what might be a difficult time.

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  • See your policy documents
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Manage your policy

This is your dedicated page if you have life cover with us. It’s where you’ll find lots of useful information, including:

  • How to update your personal details
  • How to make changes to your policy 
  • Answers to common questions
  • Ways to get in touch

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