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Life insurance explained

Life is full of the things you love – your family, your home, and the other things that make you happy. But it can be unpredictable, and we don't always know what's around the corner.

Our Life Insurance Plan is one of the ways you can protect what matters most to you. If you’re thinking about getting life cover, there are a couple of things to consider. Do you have a partner, children and a mortgage or other loans? What will your family need in the future?

We offer different types of cover: level cover and decreasing cover.

With level cover, what you pay each month stays the same for the whole term of the policy, and so does the cover amount.

If you’d prefer your cover amount to rise with the cost of living, you can choose to protect it against the effects of inflation, which means that what you pay will also increase over time.

Decreasing cover works like a repayment loan with a fixed interest rate. So, the value of your cover decreases gradually, but the amount you pay stays the same.

When it comes to how much cover you’ll need, everyone’s different. If you have a mortgage, how much have you got left to pay, and how long for? Look at your current income and monthly outgoings – things like childcare costs, household bills and family holidays.

To help you decide how long you want your cover to last, consider how long your children are likely to depend on you financially, or when your partner is planning to retire.

At Aviva, our cover is designed with you in mind. With flexible cover length, simple claims and lump sum pay-outs – we’re here when you need us most.

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