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Over 50 life insurance

Guaranteed cover, for the rest of your life. It matters

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  • Life insurance that will be here for as long as you are
  • You won’t need a medical
  • We pay 100% of claims, and quickly – usually within 3-5 working days1

What is over 50 life insurance?

It's a type of life insurance that lets you leave money behind for your loved ones when you're no longer here.

It's what we insurers call ‘whole of life’ cover, which means that it will protect you for as long as you live, not just for a set amount of time. To take it out with us, you need to be aged 50 to 80 and a UK resident.


§ Purchase over 50 life insurance by 28 June 2024 and receive a £120 gift card. Offer T&C's apply.

As a thank you for taking out your policy with us, you'll be able to claim a gift card worth £120 after you've made 6 monthly payments. You can choose from a Marks & Spencer, Tesco or gift card.*

* Restrictions apply, see

The benefits of our over 50 life insurance

  • Your cover lasts for life, but your payments may not

    You'll always be covered, but from the anniversary date after your 90th birthday, or after 30 years, you won't pay a penny more

  • Claims you can count on

    We pay out on every single claim and we do it quickly – usually within 3-5 working days Footnote [1]

  • No medical

    There’s not a check-up in sight – and we won’t even ask you any health questions 

  • Wellbeing support in your hand

    Your cover unlocks access all to benefits and services of the Aviva DigiCare+ app ^

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How does over 50 life insurance work?

It’s very straightforward. There are almost no hoops to jump through, hurdles to leap over or decisions to make. And, as you’ve already seen, there are no medical checks or health questions standing in your way either.

You just need to pick a cover amount (what we’ll pay out) or how much you want to pay each month in premiums. There’s more on how that works below.

We guarantee to pay out every penny of the cover amount as a lump sum if you die for any reason after the first 12 months of having the policy – or if you die because of an accident within the first 12 months. 

However, if you die before the first 12 months are up, and it wasn’t an accidental death, we won’t pay out the cover amount, but we’ll pay a sum that’s equal to the premiums that have already been paid.

Do you need over 50 life insurance?

That’s up to you. But this type of lifetime cover is one way to leave a little something when you're gone. The lump sum it pays out could be a welcome helping hand towards the cost of your funeral, home improvements, a holiday or anything else.

If you only need cover for a fixed amount of time, rather than your whole life, you could consider our term life insurance. And unlike over 50 life insurance, which only covers one person, with term life insurance you can get a joint policy with your partner.

Unsure which is the right insurance for you, read more about the differences in this helpful article.

Why get over 50 life insurance?

Having life insurance is probably one of the most important things you can do to help protect the ones you love. When you die, your policy can leave money for those you leave behind. This could mean:

  • Less strain on your family’s finances – one less worry for them at a difficult time.
  • Help with funeral costs – some people plan their payout to go towards arranging their final send-off, but it doesn’t have to be for anything particular.
  • A guaranteed payout – unless you die within the first 12 months and your death is a result of anything but an accident. If this happens, when a claim is made, we’ll pay a sum equal to the premiums you've paid since you've had the policy.

How much cover can you get?

It depends on a few details about you, like your age and whether you smoke. It also comes down to how much you want to pay each month (known as your premium).

There are two ways to look at it. If you tell us what you want your premiums to be each month, we’ll tot up the cover amount we can give you (how much we’ll pay out). You can pay between £5 and £100 a month, across all over 50 life insurance policies held with us. The price you will pay depends on the level of cover selected and your personal circumstances, however, over half of our customers pay £25 per month or less for our over 50 life insurance cover.Footnote [2]

Or let us know how much you’d like to leave behind and we’ll do the sums to work out how much that will cost you each month.

This table gives you an idea of how much cover you could get, as a non-smoker, paying a premium of £20 a month. The age refers to when you take out the cover, and your cover amount will stay the same for the whole of your life.

Age cover is taken out Payout
50 £6,681
60 £4,718
70 £2,650
80 £1,277

Figures are based on a premium of £20 per month for a non-smoker and are correct as of 4 April 2024.

How much cover do I need?

How much cover you need is entirely up to you and depends on your specific needs when you apply. If you're thinking about using an over 50's plan to leave something to help towards the cost of a funeral, but don't know what that might be, our funeral cost calculator may be able to help you.


Your premiums won’t ever go up

Our over 50 life insurance is a whole of life policy, so it lasts right up until you die, instead of a set number of years.

However, what you pay each month will always stay the same. So will the amount of cover you have.

And once you’ve had your policy for 30 years – or from the next anniversary of having cover after you’ve blown out the candles on your 90th birthday cake – you won’t pay us another pound, but your cover will carry on for as long as you do.

Be aware that, depending on how long you live, you could pay more in total premiums than the cover amount.

Are you eligible for over 50 life insurance?

You don’t need to make your way to a medical or to wade through tricky health questions – we promise we'll cover you if you tick two simple boxes:

  1. At the time you apply for this policy you must be in the UK with a legal right to live in that jurisdiction, and consider your main home as being in the UK and have no current intention of moving anywhere else permanently
  2. You’re aged between 50 and 80

What our over 50 life insurance covers

Your premiums are fixed, there’s no medical, and your loved ones will get money when you die. Here’s more about what’s covered, and what to bear in mind before you go ahead.

What this cover offers

  • Our promise we’ll accept you
    We guarantee to cover you if you’re a UK resident aged between 50 and 80
  • The same price for life
    Just choose how much you want to pay each month, and it’ll never go up

  • Cover forever 
    Your insurance lasts until the day you die - and you won't pay any premiums after 30 years or from the anniversary date after your 90th birthday, whichever comes first
  • A lump sum payout
    We'll pay the full cover amount in one go if you die after the first 12 months for any reason, or die within the first 12 months from an accident
  • Having more than one plan
    You might do this, for example, if you want to add extra cover later. Have as many policies as you want, as long as all your premiums together don’t add up to more than £100 each month

What to consider

  • It has no cash value 
    We'll only pay out when you pass away. You can’t cash it in before that happens. That means if you stop paying your premiums, your cover will simply end and you won't get any money back
  • It can't be joint cover
    This is a policy for one person only, so you’d need separate policies to cover two of you
  • The payout could be less than what you paid in
    Depending on your premiums and how long you live
  • Inflation will reduce the value of the payout
    The cover amount is fixed so its real-life value will go down over time because of the effects of inflation. This means it’s important to review your cover regularly
  • If you pass away in the first year not due to an accident
    We'll pay a cash amount equal to the premiums that have already been paid, but not the cover amount

How do I get a quote for over 50 life insurance?

It takes seconds to get a quote, because you only need to tell us:

  • Your personal details (name, address and email address)
  • Your date of birth
  • Whether you smoke
  • How much you want to pay each month or how much cover you want

And that's it. We don’t take a single other detail unless you decide to go ahead. Then, as long as you're a permanent UK resident and aged 50-80, we can cover you for the rest of your life.

Get a quote "Get a quote for over 50 life insurance"

Or call us free*

0800 046 2778

Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

*Calls may be monitored or recorded. Calls to 0800 numbers from UK landlines and mobiles are free. Our opening hours may be different depending on which team you need to speak to.

Grandson showing grandfather his tablet

Aviva DigiCare+ by your side

Once you take out a new life insurance policy with us, taking positive strides towards a healthier lifestyle can be as easy as stretching for your phone.

You can access health and wellbeing services through the Aviva DigiCare+ smartphone app, powered by Square Health – and it won’t cost you extra. Once your cover is up and running, you can download the app, pop in your details, then use it to connect to clinicians, nutritionists, therapists and more.

These are the services stitched into the app:

  • An annual health check
  • Nutrition support
  • Mental health support
  • Second medical opinion
  • Bupa Anytime HealthLine
  • Bereavement support

Of course, the main reason for taking out a policy with us is financial protection, and you shouldn’t get cover for Aviva DigiCare+ alone.

^The benefits of the app don’t form part of your cover, and they could change or be removed at any time. Terms and conditions and the privacy policy for the Aviva DigiCare+ can be found within the app. There may be mobile data charges for downloading and using the app.

Over 50 life insurance FAQs

How would my family or loved ones make a claim?

Do I need a medical?

What happens if I stop paying premiums for my over 50 life insurance?

Can my partner take out cover as well?

Will my premiums go up?

Why choose us for over 50 life insurance?

We’re proud our cover is 5 Star rated by trusted industry expert Defaqto.

  • We can help you stay healthier today
    Our over 50 life insurance comes with access to health and wellbeing services through the Aviva DigiCare+ smartphone app
  • Our heritage of helping
    We’ve been protecting people like you for over 325 years
  • You can count on us
    Our over 50 life insurance cover offers a guaranteed payout. Knowing you’re leaving behind some financial security for your loved ones can be a weight off your mind Footnote [1]
  • The action we’re taking on climate change
    We’re the first major insurer worldwide to target becoming a Net Zero company by 2040.While we are working towards our sustainability ambitions, we acknowledge that we have relationships with businesses and existing assets that may be associated with significant emissions. More information can be found here
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Looking for more cover?

We have other ways you can help protect your family’s future.

Life insurance

Pays a lump sum to help your loved ones pay bills, mortgage repayments, school fees, and any other debts, if you die within the policy term.

Age: 18-77

Cover: Up to £5,000,000

Payment: If you die, or get a terminal illness and aren’t expected to live longer than 12 months

Critical illness cover

Pays a lump sum if you or your child are diagnosed with or have surgery for one of our 52 critical illnesses covered by our plan, within the policy term.

Age: 18-64

Cover: Up to £1,000,000

Payment: If you become critically ill and live for 10 days after diagnosis

Income protection insurance

Affordable cover that pays a proportion of your lost earnings, which could help you cover your montly outgoings if you can’t work.

Age: 18-59

Cover: Monthly benefit amount between £500 and £1,500

Payment: If you’re ill or injured and can’t work

Take care of your loved ones with an Aviva Trust

Our trusts give you more control over who your money goes to once you’re gone and will usually be exempt from Inheritance Tax. Footnote [3]

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