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Welcome to the Aviva fund centre

Our Fund Centre gives you all the information you need about our funds, including daily prices, performance and details about charges.

It contains the range of funds available under our life products, pensions and collective investments.

You’ll also find a charting tool that lets you compare the performance of our funds with the fund sector they are benchmarked against.

You can also call us on 0800 068 6800 for factual information about any of our funds.

If you have a pension with Aviva, it may be possible to do your research and switch funds using MyAviva – this gives you details about your pension policy, including a breakdown of your current investments and options of the funds available to you. Log in or register for MyAviva.

Investing without taking financial advice

Everything on the Fund Centre is for information only.

If you invest directly with Aviva, you’re responsible for the investment decisions you make. It’s up to you to make sure you choose funds that match your own attitude to risk.

If you’re not confident about choosing your own funds, we recommend you speak to a financial adviser. If you don’t already have an adviser, visit for a list of advisers in your local area.

Please remember
The value of your investments can go down as well as up, and may be worth less than the amount paid in.

Important information

If you're new to this site, please take the time to read through the following sections.

Fund factsheets

Each of our funds has a ‘fund factsheet’. This gives you detailed information about what the fund invests in, its objectives and performance. To help you understand the information fully, please read our guide to the fund factsheets:

Fund types

All funds fit into a category of some sort. We define our funds using a list of 'fund types', so you can find all the details here.

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Risk ratings

Aviva life and pension funds have a specific risk rating. These risk ratings are an indication to you of the likelihood of risk to your money versus its potential growth.

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Some of our funds carry extra charges, which are in addition to your normal product charges. To get an idea of what these charges might be, please read on.

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Product types and fund series

Aviva has a long legacy of providing investment products to our customers. Because of this, we have an extensive range of products.

Each product has a specific range of funds to choose from, and this is usually denoted by the 'fund series'. If a fund has more than one series there may be a difference in the unit prices and charges. If you’re an existing customer, you will have been assigned your fund series when your plan started.

If you’re unsure of your product name or fund series, you can check your annual statement (the fund series will be displayed as ‘S2’ or ‘(CGU)’ for example). If you don’t have your annual statement to hand, you can check our list of products (note: our Pension Portfolio only uses Series 14).

Other investment options

If you're a pension customer, you may have access to automatic investment options. This is where Aviva will take care of some or all of the investment options for you. Please read this section carefully if you would like to consider a less involved method of investing.

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Need some advice?

If you’d like a hand deciding where to invest your money, a financial adviser could help.

For more information about getting financial advice, visit our financial advice page.

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