Investment charges

For our Pension (SIPP), Stocks & Shares ISA and Investment Account

What are the investment charges?

Before making an investment, it’s important that you know what charges you can expect to pay.

These apply to any investment you make in your SIPPStocks & Shares ISA and Investment Account.

Importantly, there's no charge for opening these with us, or for transferring any investments to us from elsewhere. You may be charged by your existing provider for leaving them.

However, once your investment with us is up and running, you can expect to pay the relevant charges shown below.

Aviva Charge

This is our annual charge for holding any investment funds that you’ve picked from our selection of ready-made funds, our experts' shortlist or our full fund list. Read more about these funds options. It also applies to any money in your cash account – more on that below. It’s never more than 0.40% per year.

The exact amount you pay is based on the total value of fund investments you hold through our Aviva Wealth platform, which combines our SIPP, Stocks & Shares ISA and Investment Account.

So, if you had £40,000 in our Stocks & Shares ISA, and another £60,000 in our SIPP, your total invested value would be £100,000.

The more money you invest, the more we'll reward you with a lower percentage charge to pay overall, as shown:

Invested value Annual Aviva Charge
First £50,000 0.40%
Next £200,000 0.35%
Next £250,000 0.25%
Amount above £500,000 0%

This means that if you invested £100,000 with us, the first £50,000 would have an Aviva Charge of 0.40% and the next £50,000 would have an Aviva Charge of 0.35%. So, it may make sense to bring investments together under one roof.

Aviva Share Charge

Set at 0.40%, this Aviva Share Charge is our annual charge for holding these types of exchange traded investments:

  • UK shares
  • exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • investment trusts

The Aviva Share Charge is capped at:

  • £120 a year for our SIPP
  • £45 a year for our Stocks & Shares ISA or Investment Account

Fund Manager Charge

Each fund has an individual management charge which can be found in the Key Investor Information Document and appears as an ongoing charges figure (OCF) on your statement.

Investment charges example graphic - customer has £10,000 in funds; Aviva Charge of 0.40% (£40) plus Fund Manager Charge of 0.35% (£35) equals a total annual charge of £75.

An illustration based on investing £10,000, split between £8,000 in funds and £2,000 in shares. You'd pay an Aviva Charge of 0.40% (£32) and a Fund Manager Charge of 0.35% (£28), plus an Aviva Share Charge of 0.40% (£8), giving a total annual charge of £68. It only gives an idea of ongoing charges, and not any initial costs such as trading charges for shares.

The 0.35% Fund Manager Charge shown  in the illustration above is an example. The actual Fund Manager Charge will depend on the funds you choose and could be higher.

Performance fee

Although more common with investment trusts, some investments also charge a performance fee which varies depending on how well a fund performs. This fee can be found in the Key Investment Information Document, which you can see when choosing your funds.

Trading Charge

We charge a flat fee of £7.50 for each trade in shares, exchange traded funds or investment trusts, regardless of value. We won't charge you for buying or selling investment funds.

Other charges to be aware of

UK Stamp Duty Reserve Tax (0.5%) paid on the purchase of most UK shares online - it's automatically deducted and paid to HMRC.

The Panel on Takeovers and Mergers Levy £1 on trades over £10,000 - it's taken automatically and paid to the Takeover Panel. The Panel's role is to ensure all shareholders are treated equally during takeover bids.

Your cash account

You’ll have a cash account as part of your SIPP, Stocks & Shares ISA or Investment Account. It’s where you’ll transfer money ready to be invested, and it’s where any money will go once you sell any investments. The Aviva Charge will apply to any money you hold here, as well as your fund investments.

Your cash account is also used to pay the annual Aviva Charge and Aviva Share Charge on your investments. If there’s not enough in your cash account to cover the charge, it will come from your fund investments instead.

Interest in your cash account is charged at our variable rate and may be positive, zero or negative. If the interest added is less than the charges taken out, the amount in your cash account will go down. Find out more in our interest rate factsheet (PDF 60 KB).

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