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Get cover against cancer

Starting from just £2.03 a month, our Cancer Essentials cover provides a cash benefit and up to £100,000 for cancer drugs recommended by an NHS specialist if they aren't approved by the NHS on financial grounds. This price is based on an 18 year old non-smoker (prices increase with age).

£5,000 cash benefit

We'll give you a £5,000 cash sum upon a cancer diagnosis to help ease any financial concerns

£100,000 cancer drugs cover

We’ll cover up to £100,000 for cancer drugs if the NHS won’t pay for them on financial grounds

Cancer helpline

Get access to a personal nurse adviser who can provide valuable support and advice around your diagnosis

Is Cancer Essentials right for you?

A cancer diagnosis is one of life's most difficult prospects. But that's where our Cancer Essentials cover is designed to come in – supplementing the care you’ll receive on the NHS with extra support that helps provide genuine peace of mind.

Focus on what matters

With our cover, you’ll receive a cash benefit upon diagnosis, giving you the breathing space to take time out with your family or ease any financial concerns.

Increased support

We offer increased emotional and financial support if you’re diagnosed with cancer, including up to £100,000 of cover for cancer drugs if the NHS won’t pay for them on financial grounds – so you won’t need to worry about access to potentially lifesaving treatment.

What’s covered with Cancer Essentials?

Cancer Essentials helps deliver the support you need to cope with a cancer diagnosis.

What's covered
  • £5,000 cash payout  
    If you’re diagnosed with cancer, we’ll give you a cash sum of £5,000 to spend however you want – whether it’s to help pay domestic bills or towards a trip away for you and your family
  • Up to £100,000 cancer drugs cover
    If your NHS specialist recommends drugs for your cancer treatment that the NHS won’t pay for on financial grounds, we will – Up to £100,000
  • Cancer advice helpline 
    You’ll get support from a cancer helpline service, featuring a range of services from a dedicated personal nurse adviser – this may include practical advice, counselling or therapy, or a series of phone calls from a specialist nurse. The cancer helpine will also give you access to a second medical opinion from a medical professional within the NHS or private sector, to help you with any questions you may have around your cancer diagnosis

What's not covered
Unfortunately, there are a few things Cancer Essentials can’t cover:

  • Pre-existing cancer
    We’re unable to cover you if you’ve already been diagnosed with cancer in the 10 years prior to joining the policy
  • Non-melanoma skin cancer
    Unless it has spread to lymph nodes or organs 
  • Prostate cancer
    Unless active treatment is recommended by an NHS specialist

Are you eligible?

If you live permanently in the UK, aged 18-69 and not subject to any of the exclusions noted below, we can cover you.

We can’t cover you if:

  • You've had cancer in the past 10 years
  • You’re aware of symptoms (e.g. an abnormal lump or mole) or awaiting tests/investigations to be carried out
  • You’ve been placed on or advised to join a screening or review programme because you’re considered to have a higher risk of developing cancer

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Making a claim couldn’t be easier. With £344 million in health claims paid out during 2020, you can count on us to help you cope with your illness or injury 1.

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