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The options you choose when you take out your Pension Annuity will affect the amount of pension income you'll get. Generally, the more options you add, the lower your income in retirement will be. You can get a personal illustration, which shows the difference the various options would make to your pension income.

Pension Annuity Calculator

Using factual information provided by you, this easy-to-use calculator produces figures based on Aviva’s pension annuity product and some of the options it can offer. For information about all our annuity’s options, you should see our Pension Annuity​.

Please be aware that the calculator isn’t intended to provide personalised advice or give personal recommendations

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Pension Wise

Pension Wise is a free and impartial service set up by the government for people retiring with defined contribution pensions. It will help you understand what your choices are and how they work.

You'll be able to get help on the Pension Wise website, over the phone or face to face about:

  • what you can do with your pension pot
  • the different pension types and how they work
  • tax you pay on your pension.

If you're not sure about your options at retirement you should seek appropriate guidance or advice.

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Nothing on this site is personalised advice or a recommendation. If you need a personalised recommendation based on your personal circumstances, you should seek financial advice. We can't give you advice but we can put you in touch with an adviser who can talk to you about which financial products or investments may be right for you.

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