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With Aviva, your money could go further - to help you have the retirement you want

Transfer your investments

It’s easy to manage your pensions and ISAs in one place with our award-winning online service. Transferring is simple and we can help you understand the risks and benefits before you decide. Your capital is at risk and you may be required to obtain advice for which a fee will be charged.

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Saving for my retirement

Saving for my retirement

What do you want from retirement? See how you can learn, plan and save with us to help reach your goals.

Using my pension money

Using my pension money

Want to take money from your pension? Understand your options, so you can use your money with more confidence.

Rethinking my retirement

Rethinking my retirement

It’s never too late to change. See what you can do later in life to help you afford the retirement you want.

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Aviva Pension

A flexible way to save for your retirement. It's an individual, self-invested pension, so you control where your money goes.

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Income Drawdown through the Aviva Pension

Use as much or as little of your Aviva Pension money, whenever you want from age 55.

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Our three investment options

  • Use a ready made fund
  • Choose from a list of funds handpicked by our experts
  • Find the right fund for you from our full range

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Get a guaranteed income for life, using money from your pension fund.

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Equity Release

If you're over 55, a lifetime mortgage may be an option.

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What does your future hold?

See what your retirement could look like with our Shape my Future tool.

Learn and plan

Learn about retirement

Retirement can be simple. Don't believe us? Try out our guides to see how you could save for the retirement you want.

Plan your retirement

Our retirement tools are here to help. See how you could plan towards your dream retirement with Shape my Future, and use our Retirement Planner to take your next step.

Winner of the lang cat Direct Platform Award 2016 - best for beginners

Financial services consultancy lang cat voted Aviva the best investment platform for anyone starting out in the world of direct investing

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