Motoring advice

Car maintenance

These car maintenance tips include simple checks that will help you to enjoy safer, smarter motoring and reduce the risk of a breakdown

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Your first car

With everything from choosing to insuring your first car, Aviva has all the information you need to make getting on the road, as straightforward ...

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Motoring advice articles

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Take a glance down any UK street or into most driveways and cars will be a common sight. As regular drivers will veri...

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Here are some tips to help ensure that you get the right cover, avoid paying too much and prevent getting any nasty s...

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Reporting accidents

Should I report an accident to Aviva?

Do you need to keep your paper driving licence?

Since 8 June 2015, the DVLA are not issuing the paper ‘half’ (or counterpart) to UK driving licence holders any more....

10 tips for driving abroad

Driving at home can be tricky enough - and it is even more of challenge when you drive overseas. Tackling the Arc de ...

My children hates car seats, what can I do?

Is your child complaining about using a car seat? Or do you have toddlers that go into ‘stiff as a board screaming mo...

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