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Car maintenance

These car maintenance tips include simple checks that will help you to enjoy safer, smarter motoring and reduce the risk of a breakdown

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Road to reform

The issue of the UK’s compensation culture affects both the safety and wallets of motorists. Aviva’s Road to Reform report explores the issues and ...

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Motoring advice articles

Road to reform - Whiplash

Whiplash costs £2.5 billion per year, adding £93 to motor premiums.

Aviva’s Road to Reform: Time to tackle the UK’s compensation culture

Aviva’s ’Road to Reform’ report outlines three key reforms that will remove £1.4bn of excess costs from motor insuran...

Crash for cash - Top 10 UK locations

Aviva review their 2015 data about “staged” and bogus accidents to identify the top UK locations for detected "crash ...

Will you make the Pledge?

Join us in supporting the road safety charity Brake.

Pet Beetles and tame Jaguars

A classic car can become one of the family. Taking care of your pride and joy from buying, renovation and maintenance...

Guide to car insurance groups

Have you ever wanted to know what car insurance group your vehicle’s in?

Buying a new car

Nearly 61% of motorists in a recent survey said it’s the cost of driving that’s changed most over the last 25 years (...

Get ready for an Easter escape

Bank Holiday season is here! Make sure your car is checked over and ready for a road trip... and use the Aviva Drive ...

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