Aviva UK General Insurance
Complaints data for period July to December 2014

Complaints about: Motor, buildings, contents, travel, pet, breakdown cover, income protection, personal accident, mobile device and legal expenses for individuals and vehicle and property insurance for businesses.

Table of figures for period July to December 2014

Number of complaints received Number of complaints closed Percentage of complaints closed in 8 weeks Percentage of complaints upheld*
Banking Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
Home Finance Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
General Insurance and Pure Protection Included in figures below Included in figures below Included in figures below Included in figures below
Aviva Insurance Limited 17,995 17,908 92.2% 53.6%
Gresham Insurance Co Ltd 702 739 94.9% 61.7%
Decumulation, Life and Pensions Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
Investments Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable

* This represents the percentage of customers who we recognise had a valid complaint in full or part.

The Financial Conduct Authority ask us to report to them the percentage of complaints we close within 8 weeks. This is the information you’ll see here. Our aim at Aviva is to resolve the majority of complaints within 10 days. If we can’t, we’ll let you know why and when you can expect to hear from us.

Details of the number of cases referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service can be found on the Financial Ombudsman website.

We listen to you

So, what have we done to improve our services or products?

  • De-mystifying your premium
    We know from your feedback that the cost of insurance is a hot topic. Do you ever wonder what influences your Home or Car insurance premium? Well now you can find out about it on our website. Whether it’s home security, your claims history, changes in the law or how far you drive, you can read about some of the key things that can influence the price you pay.

  • Payments via Live Chat
    The speed of change has affected every part of our lives, not least in the way we communicate. Our Live Chat facility has enabled you to conveniently ask for help and guidance when buying or servicing your policy on-line in real-time. However taking a payment wasn’t possible. We recognised the inconvenience this caused in having to make a phone call. Now this has changed. With our new, highly secure software, we can now accept your payment and Live Chat can help you even more.
  • Payment Alerts by Text
    Trying to keep tabs on everything can be a nightmare and realising, too late, that there’s been a problem with your insurance payments can be costly. You told us that conventional contact methods were too slow, so to help our Aviva Direct customers react more quickly, we now send text alerts where we have a mobile number. These also include a unique contact number so customers can ring the right department and take action straight away. So if a direct debit has been cancelled, a payment missed or a policy cancelled, we’ll text as well as contacting you by post.
  • Improvements to Home Fire and Escape of Water claim handling
    We understand that for customers who have gone through a fire or experienced an escape of water, this can be a devastating and emotional experience. We’ve improved our claims process so that the first person on site starts work immediately, whether that’s drying, asbestos testing or repairing damage. The same person also co-ordinates your whole claim. This has reduced the amount of time taken for work to be completed. We’re delighted that customer satisfaction has risen, showing that we’re getting it right first time.


We like to hear from our customers so that we can keep improving our service. What do you think of our information? If there's any feedback you'd like to give us then please contact us.

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