Diagnostics insurance

Cover for when
you need to be
seen quickly

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Diagnostics insurance is a type of policy that helps you find out what’s wrong – quickly. It’s significantly cheaper than full private health insurance because it doesn’t pay for any kind of treatment. Speedy Diagnostics covers the costs of your initial diagnosis, including:

  • Specialist consultations.
  • Diagnostic tests such as CT, MRI and PET scan, X-rays and ECG.
  • Hospital and specialist charges for in and day patient diagnostic tests.

It also provides the following additional benefits:

  • A personal claims allowance, so you can claim up to £250 per member, per policy year, without affecting your no claim discount.
  • Access to our 24 hour GP helpline, so you can speak to a GP in complete confidence, day or night, 365 days a year.
  • Up to 25% discount on selected UK gym memberships.
  • A 24 hour Stress Counselling helpline, should you ever need to talk to a trained counsellor in complete confidence, available to members aged 16 and over.

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