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We try to make private health insurance simple, straightforward and easy to arrange. But we realise that there’s a lot to think about before you make a decision. These are two examples, both fictional case studies, describing how Speedy Diagnostics could work for you…


Tony was in the Navy for a few years. He likes things to be done the right way, at the right time. He’s not impatient … he just doesn’t like waiting. When he started to get severe headaches and realised that he was suffering from blurred vision, he made an appointment to see his GP. At the surgery, his GP was reasonably confident that the diagnosis was migraine – but he wanted to be sure, and eliminate the possibility of anything more serious. The GP decided that it would be better if Tony saw a specialist.

Tony was pleased that he had Speedy Diagnostics in place. He was able to make an appointment within a couple of days to see a specialist locally – who then confirmed severe migraine as the diagnosis.

  • Speedy Diagnostics paid for his diagnostic consultation, CT scan and blood tests
  • Tony didn’t have to wait to see a specialist – he had prompt access and a diagnosis within days


Paul is a plumber. That means he spends a lot of time kneeling on the floor every day. So he wasn’t surprised when he started getting a swollen knee and felt a ‘grinding’ sensation. He went to his GP, who advised seeing a consultant to check things out and get an accurate diagnosis.

The appointment came through for Paul to visit a specialist in four weeks’ time, with a note that he might need an MRI scan as part of the diagnosis procedure. Paul was in a hurry, so he looked into the costs of paying for the diagnosis privately to avoid the waiting lists. A specialist’s consultation fee would have cost over £144* and an MRI scan would have cost over £408* – not to mention a second consultation fee to get the results. Unfortunately Paul couldn’t afford those prices…

  • Speedy Diagnostics would have covered the MRI and the diagnostic consultations
  • No waiting lists, and no worries about the costs involved with finding out what’s wrong

* Based on Aviva’s fee schedule, April 2013

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