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Speedy Diagnostics helps you find out what’s wrong as soon as possible. It’s easy to use. Our friendly experts are happy to answer any questions you have, and explain the difference between Speedy Diagnostics and full private health insurance. They can also talk to you about what you may or may not be able to claim for depending on your family’s medical history. We encourage you to read all the information in this section.

What is Speedy Diagnostics designed to do?

With Speedy Diagnostics in place, we can help you to avoid the waiting lists and find out what’s wrong as quickly as possible. The costs of your initial diagnosis will be covered:

  • Specialist consultations for medical diagnosis purposes
  • Diagnostic tests such as CT, MRI, and PET scans, X-rays and ECGs
  • Hospital and specialist charges (payable in line with our specialist fee guidelines) for in and day-patient diagnostic tests.

…and it’s easy to use:

  • You visit your GP as usual. If it’s necessary, you’ll be referred to a specialist
  • We pay for your specialist consultations and the diagnostic tests you need
  • You find out what’s wrong, promptly.

There’s no need to wait for a diagnosis as you would if you were using the NHS.

Are there any extra benefits included?

It’s a good idea to stay healthy if possible. We want to help you do this, so we include these extra benefits with your Speedy Diagnostics policy with no additional charge:

  • Gym discounts. As a Speedy Diagnostics policyholder, you can get up to 25% off membership at selected UK gyms.
  • 24 hour GP helpline. Whenever you have a concern about your health, you can speak to a medical professional in complete confidence, 365 days per year. Ask questions about symptoms, find out about treatment, or get information about drugs, side-effects, or anything else that matters to you.
  • 24 hour Stress Counselling helpline. Divorce, money worries, work, relationships, children … whatever’s going on in your life, you can always phone our 24 hour Stress Counselling helpline. It’s easy to call, it’s free, and it’s completely confidential. You’ll be talking to a trained counsellor who can give you advice on dealing with stress, day or night, 365 days per year. Please note that the helpline is available for people aged 16 years and over.

What’s not covered by Speedy Diagnostics?

Most importantly, Speedy Diagnostics does not cover any kind of treatment. It only covers the costs associated with your initial diagnosis. We’ve included more information about pre-existing conditions in our FAQs, but there are also some general points we’d like to make you aware of:

Speedy Diagnostics won’t provide cover for…

  • Treatment
  • Consultations and diagnostic tests that are carried out after a specialist has made a diagnosis
  • Routine medical examinations and screening
  • Diagnostic tests that are ordered by a GP without referral to a specialist
  • Diagnostic tests needed to find the cause of infertility
  • Diagnostic tests that are related to sleep disorders

Full details of cover are in our terms and conditions booklet, which you’ll find in the Useful information box on this page. You’ll need to complete an application form for us to work out the final terms of your policy if we accept your application and, depending on your circumstances, non-standard terms may apply.

What else do I need to know?

To cover the costs of diagnostic tests or a consultation we’ll need to approve them before you take up the referral. Full details are in our terms and conditions booklet, which you can download on this page as a PDF. We’ve also included our Speedy Diagnostics brochure – and we encourage you to read both documents before giving us a call.

We’re always happy to answer your questions, so why not call us. Find out more about making a claim, or get a quote online now.

So, what’s next?

As healthcare experts, we want to make the purchase of any policy as easy as possible for you. We’ll ask you for some personal details before we give you a cost for Speedy Diagnostics, but with these three simple steps we can help you put your Speedy Diagnostics policy into place:

Step 1 – tell us about yourself

  • Get a quote and arrange Speedy Diagnostics online. Get a quote now
  • Call us. Our friendly experts can answer your questions and arrange cover over the phone

Step 2 – tell us how you’d like to pay for the policy…

You can pay for Speedy Diagnostics online or over the phone, in monthly instalments or with one annual payment: both by Direct Debit. Don’t forget, Speedy Diagnostics is cheaper than full private health insurance because it doesn’t pay for treatment costs. It only pays for costs associated with your initial diagnosis.

Step 3 – get cover and start enjoying the benefits of Speedy Diagnostics

Speedy Diagnostics helps you find out what’s wrong as soon as possible. It can help you and your family stay healthy, too. We add these benefits to every policy with no additional charge:

  • Discounts of between 12 - 25% with selected gyms
  • Access to our 24 hour GP helpline, giving you medical guidance day and night 365 days a year
  • Personal support through our 24 hour Stress Counselling helpline

We also believe that keeping your wallet healthy is a good idea – so with Speedy Diagnostics, you could get up to 66% no claim discount, per person, from day one of your policy. Currently, 82% of new customers obtain a no claim discount of 66% in the first year.

Ask us how Speedy Diagnostics could help you find out what's wrong…

You can phone us direct on 0800 015 5196, with reference IND SP3.

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