High net worth insurance

High net worth insurance from Aviva

Distinct, our exclusive High Net Worth insurance range is designed for people with specialist needs. Our insurance range is not only meant for the Lords, Ladies and the rich and famous; we are talking about contents worth £75,000 as a starting sum insured.

Protecting your valuables is essential, as people build their collection of arts and antiques over time they often don't realise that standard insurance won't provide the full cover they need. Your high value home, arts collections, antiques and state-of-the-art technology requires a specialist insurance to prevent you from loss if the worse happens. Use our contents calculator to check the potential value of your possessions.

We believe a personalised service is a necessity in the event of a loss. Therefore we do not trouble our clients with multiple forms in the event of a claim. Our claims experts try and settle claims with as little pain as possible. In fact a claim won't feel like a pain with us; that's what makes us distinct.

At Distinct from Aviva, we understand that because you have more, you need more from your home insurance. So that's exactly what we offer - cover that's far beyond the standard. Distinct from Aviva is only available from insurance brokers who can give you the professional advice you need to be sure that all your valuable possessions and property are covered properly.

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